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Merhaba from Turkey! With magnificent nature, crystal blue seas and untouched lands of greenery and wildlife, Turkey is a dream travel destination. Its exquisite endless blue waters surrounding it offer a perfect view for a getaway with friends, family, and partners. Its unique geographical location, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe, allows Turkey to be a bridge between the two continents. Turkey is home to 16 cultural and two mixed UNESCO World Heritage sites comprising elements of both natural and cultural significance. This is where you will indulge yourself in a journey into the extensive heritage of great historical value. You can start your journey by partaking in water activities that suit everyone’s adventurous side. Visit the famous cities where you get a chance to delve into the rich culture of this country. From the Manavgat Waterfalls or Mount Olympus in Antalya to Istanbul and the butterfly garden in Mugla, to Izmir and Ankara, every city in Turkey carries its own unique appeal, which will draw you in to visit every corner of this beautiful country.


Discover the History of Turkey

Turkey is among the larger countries of the region in terms of territory and population. Its land area is greater than that of any European state. The Majority of the land falls into Asia also known as Anatolia.
Turkey is surrounded by the Black Sea to the north, Georgia, and Armenia to the northeast. Azerbaijan and Iran to the east, Iraq, and Syria to the southeast. As for the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, they border it from the southwest and west and finally Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest. The capital of Turk is Ankara, but its largest and most prominent city is Istanbul, home to the country's seaport.

A Glimpse into the Culture and Traditions of Turkey

Turkey has an extensively rich cultural legacy, influenced partially by the Islamic principles and by the Ottoman Empire, which brought multiple nuances of Eastern Europe, Caucasia, the Middle East, and central Asia. Turkish people are famous for their hospitality and charity, and due to their large population, a heightened sense of community and neighbourhood. They are known for their sense of honour and a strong national identity above everything else. The main religion in Turkey is Islam. When it comes to attire, their style varied throughout the times and was also based on weather conditions. In rural areas, women still largely preserve their traditional long skirts and aprons. As for men, they still adorn baggy trousers in sombre colours. During the 20th century, western forms of art, music and literature carved a place in the Turkish culture. The art scene is robust in Turkey with an incredible line-up of artists, writers, singers, and musicians offering a multifaceted picture of the country. Their classical music is characterised by the use of drums, trumpets flutes and tambourines. A distinct feature in Turkey is their cultural traditions that you may not witness anywhere else in the world. When you are gathered around the deliciously famous Turkish coffee, it is customary to have someone read your future for you by studying the residual coffee grounds. Another poignant tradition is the spilling of water when someone departs. For Turks, it extends a positive wish of having a safe journey back. Also, the use of the evil eye is very prevalent and you can see it in every corner in Turkey, where it is believed to protect from negativity and malice.

Top Things to Do in Turkey

From amazing beaches and dynamic landscapes to a multitude of historic monuments and hidden gems to explore, Turkey has a lot to offer. Prepare your trip, discover everything you can see and do, and plan your stay with Accor Hotels in Turkey.

Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara

Ankara, also known as Angora, is Turkey's capital and second largest city after Istanbul. Filled with old castles and ruins from ancient civilisations that inhabited the land, and also home to the State Opera and Ballet, Ankara is considered the centre for the performing arts. Two of the country's most important museums are situated here. Start by visiting the iconic Museum of Anatolian Civilization where you can learn about the historical account of human civilisation in the preclassical era of Anatolia. You can visit what is thought to be the world's first town map as well as a 1,700-year-old sculpture of Cybele, a prehistoric goddess of fertility. Furthermore, you can visit halls dedicated to the Hittite Empire of the Bronze age. Next up is Ankara's most visited tourist site, which is the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of the state of Turkey. A lavish marble site sitting on a hilltop overlooking Ankara, it is a true cultural and scenic treat. A day trip from Ankara will get you to the ruins of Hattusa, the capital of Anatolia's Bronze Age Hittite empire, in the village of Boğazkale. Discover its impressive 70-metre-long tunnel, the Sphinx gate and the Lion's gate. Back in Ankara, discover exhibits of the War of Independence, which led to the birth of modern Turkey. Stop at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet to catch some special performances and fill your nights with some fun. After your tour of the beautiful city, stay at one of our Accor Hotels in Ankara.

Relax on the Beaches of Antalya

Known as 'The Pearl of the Mediterranean' on the Turkish riviera, Antalya is the place to relax and unwind. This resort city and yacht harbour houses many historic sites and some of the ancient Roman ruins. An attraction that warrants a visit is the Düden Waterfalls, which offer spectacular views when doing a daytrip to Antalya. The lower waterfalls spill off into the sea where you can swim nearby and enjoy the scenery surrounding you, whereas the upper waterfalls are part of a tranquil municipal park where you can climb down a spiral staircase that leads into a captivating cave behind the waterfalls. End the day by chilling on the many beaches of Antalya where endless coastlines of fine white sands and crystal-clear waters await you in the Cleopatra Beach near the Antalya Castle. You can partake in tandem paragliding flights that land on the Cleopatra Beach. A unique attraction not to be missed, Kaputas beach is one of the most instagrammable beaches in Antalya. A picturesque spot between Kas and Kalkan, it offers sandy beaches, steep cliffs and a famous former pirate cave called the Blue Grotto. Many other beaches in Antalya are worth the visit, such as Lara beach, Suluada, Konyaalti Beach, and many more. Book with Accor at one of our hotels in Antalya to be close to all the top attractions in the city. Check out the offers at Rixos Sungate and Rixos Downtown Antalya for an epic stay in a beautiful location, while Rixos Beldibi offers an unforgettable stay for you and your family on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

Discover the Charm of Bodrum

A charming city on the Bodrum Peninsula, Bodrum features two bays with views of the Bodrum Castle. This Medieval fortress was partly built with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Home to many harbours and beach towns, ancient sites and turquoise water, and a vibrant nightlife, Bodrum is a 'must-visit' on your journey. In ancient Greek, Bodrum was called Halicarnassus, house of the Tomb of Mausolus. This magnificent tomb that first defined the term 'mausoleum' was built around 353 BCE. It consisted of a massive podium of incredible size, almost 45 metres tall. Many of the most famous Greek sculptors of that time worked in its pillars and it was the last remaining wonder of the ancient world. An impressive harbour tucked behind the castle, the Bodrum Harbour has been a docking point for 3,000 years. You can spend a splendid afternoon watching the ferries come and go, especially at sunset, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and palm trees. Enjoy a stroll down the many restaurants and cafes around the harbour before carrying on to the other stops in Bodrum. After a day spent lounging and swimming at the many colourful beaches in Bodrum, such as Bitez Beach and Gumbez Beach, come in for a break before enjoying a night out. Choose the perfect Accor hotel in Bodrum when booking your stay in this beautiful city. You can enjoy comfortable stays at MGallery The Bodrum hotel, Rixos Premium Bodrum and Swisshotel Resort Bodrum - all located in the heart of Bodrum.

Shop Away at Istanbul

At a crossroad between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has the best of both worlds. Start your exploration by visiting and shopping your favourite antiques at the Grand Bazaar. A winding maze of alleys and tiny streets creates this marketplace, packed with everything your heart desires. Immerse yourself with a variety of choices, from spices, to fishmongers, to the last handmade furniture making in the old city. This vibrant and colourful spirit of the Bazaar will enchant your senses. Enjoy the beauty of Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city in half; one in Asia and one in Europe. Hop on one of the many ferry rides and experience reaching another continent in a matter of minutes while soaking up the many exceptional sights alongside the Bosphorus. The Blue Mosque or the jewel of Istanbul can be seen from the Bosphorus, its beautiful blue tiles lining its interior, the giant courtyard and its six minarets render it a 'must-see' monument. The Galata Tower is another monument that offers breathtaking sights of Istanbul. Overlooking the city's scenery, this monument was originally built as a watchtower but is now an exhibition space and museum. It offers a 360-degree view of Istanbul from its observation deck and can be seen from anywhere in the city. Stay near the Galata Tower in Rixos Pera Istanbul or The Galata Istanbul Hotel – MGallery. Do not miss out on visiting the Taksim Square lined up with 19th-century buildings with cafes, movie theatres and shopping chains where you can experience the buzzing nightlife.

Taste Some of the Famous Food and Drinks in Turkey

A taste of two continents. A taste of old fused with new. That is what describes the diverse and multi-cultural Turkish cuisine. A variety of vibrant and colourful flavours awaits you at every corner and every restaurant. Starting with the Borek, which is a pie made of a thin flaky dough that can contain a variety of filling such as meat, cheese, spinach, or potatoes. The Baklava is a widely known sweet treat among the Greek, Arab and Ottoman cultures. It consists of a thin pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup. A true delicacy! Moving on to an appetising dish made from vegetables stuffed with a meat and rice mixture, most famously grape leaves: Dolma. They can be prepared with meat or vegetables. Kumpir and Doner are widely popular street foods found all over the Turkish streets when you are out and about. The former consists of baked potatoes stuffed with a variety of different topping whereas the latter is a type of Kebab made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. You cannot live the true Turkish adventure without trying the famous Turkish tea. Supporting the value of hospitality, it is very common to be offered a cup of tea while strolling through the shops. This aromatic drink mixed only with sugar cubes is a way of life for Turkish people. It embodies their true essence. And finally for a rewarding treat, do not miss out the Dondurma. It is the Turkish version of ice cream but sweeter, and has a stretchy texture due to the inclusion of Salep, which is the starchy root of wild orchids.