Discover our hotels in Italy

A country as varied as Italy – stretching from the towering Alps down to the island of Sicily, from the sparkling Mediterranean to the unspoilt Adriatic – cannot be fully appreciated in a single trip.


Each of Italy's regions has its own character, offering charming towns, spellbinding landscapes and mouth-watering local cuisine. Enjoy la dolce vita anywhere in Italy – on a terrace in Rome, at anchor in a Capri cove or in the gardens of a villa overlooking Lake Como.

Admire unmissable monuments

Italy has a rich, ancient past and is renowned for its astonishing monuments. Begin your adventure behind the scenes of what was the Roman Empire's biggest amphitheatre – the Colosseum. And if you want to come back to Rome, toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain to stack all the odds in your favour of that happening.
In Florence, enjoy a stroll across the Ponte Vecchio bestriding the River Arno. The stalls of tanners and butchers once lined this old bridge – these have now given way to luxury jewellery boutiques. The bridge also housed a secret passageway which the powerful Medici family once used.
Take a fun photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Admire the fine details of Milan's imposing Gothic cathedral – the Duomo di Milano. Climb the 573 steps that lead to the panoramic viewpoint at the top of the Mole Antonelliana – Turin's monumental landmark. Or visit Bologna's historic university – the oldest in the Western world.
Accor's range of hotels in Italy's cities, ranging from affordable to 5 star properties, gives you the ideal base for an unforgettable cultural weekend.

Roam the Italian countryside

Live your dream: glide through the undulating landscapes of Tuscany on a Vespa scooter. Majestic manors come into view as you follow Cypress-lined roads that wind through olive groves. Stop off in the Chianti region, known for its red wines with ruby and garnet tones.
The Apulia region – the heel of Italy's boot-shaped land – is dotted with quaint villages that will surprise and delight you. Make sure to discover the region's traditional houses: trulli, dry-stone huts with conical roofs. Those in Alberobello are especially worth seeing – they're listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You could opt for original accommodation: an old masseria (a typical farmhouse) converted into a hotel with a spa.

Swim in a sublime setting

Near the French border, soak up some sun on the Ligurian Riviera. Portofino, Sanremo and Cinque Terre are charming spots full of colour that invite you to laze by the sea. Pick a hotel in Genoa to combine idleness on the beach with visits to the city's old town, which includes medieval, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.
If you're looking for a spellbinding change of scenery, set sail for the islands of Sardinia and Sicily – or even the Adriatic. The beaches of Bari, Sorrento and Positano and the port of Cesenatico, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, lend themselves well to a memorable coastal break.
If you prefer fresh water, head to the breathtaking setting of Lake Como or Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands. Or you could head even further north to Lake Reschen to admire its stunning scenery, which features the steeple of a submerged church that rises surreally from the water.

Where are Italy's best culinary traditions?

Each region in Italy offers its own flagship specialities, from Ligurian pesto to Emilia-Romagna Parmesan and traditional Tuscan bread. Stroll along the canal in Milan when it's time for an aperitivo. Relish a real Neapolitan pizza. Treat yourself to a creamy gelato from an artisan ice-cream maker in Rome. The Mediterranean diet – rich in olive oil, seafood and sun-kissed vegetables – will bring you all its benefits as you savour the tastes of Italy.

How can you find a charming hotel in Italy?

We offer a selection of hotels that are among the best in Italy, in delightful settings with a spa, swimming pool or sea front. Settle into a historical building in the heart of Florence or into an old manorial residence in the centre of Naples. Enjoy the calm of a room beside the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome. Or let a gondolier steer your boat to your hotel in Venice.