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A unique location on Lake Zurich, views of the Alps, and a relaxed atmosphere make Zurich particularly charming. Plan your trip and enjoy the international flair of this beautiful city.
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Experience the Swiss way of life

The lively metropolis is famous for alpine views, exceptional chocolate and Swiss watches – but there's much more to discover!
Enjoy the good life on the shores of Lake Zurich, immerse yourself in the urban diversity and stroll through picturesque alleys past historic buildings. The Swiss city offers variety, from the Grossmünster Church to the Kunsthaus (Art House) and modern architecture.
Züri, as it is affectionately called by locals, is also surrounded by wonderful nature. Situated on the river Limmat, the numerous river baths are always worth a visit. You can also climb the famous mountain Uetliberg and admire Zurich's beauty from above.

From the Limmat to Lake Zurich

Situated on the Limmat, the Old Town stretches across both sides of the river. Stroll along the riverbank and spot beautiful buildings that house museums, jewellery shops and restaurants. One of Zurich's top attractions is also connected to the river: the beautiful Lake Zurich.
The shimmering blue water of Lake Zurich is surrounded by an imposing mountain panorama, creating a unique scenic atmosphere. The ambience is rounded off by the lively hustle and bustle around the lake.
Take a stroll between street performers playing music, holidaymakers, bathers and market vendors. There are many things to do in and around the water, especially in warmer months.

Relaxation on Lake Zurich

Sitting on the shore, admiring the mountains on the horizon, is the perfect activity for relaxation. Next, discover the botanical garden, find a shady spot and make yourself comfortable under the trees.
One of the best views of Lake Zurich is from the water during a leisurely round trip on a steamboat. Two centuries-old steamers regularly turn circles on Lake Zurich, with tours lasting between one and four hours. You'll be in good hands on board one of the adventure boats. Whether it's the Chäs-Fondue-Schiff (Cheese Fondue Ship) or the Heisser-Stein-Schiff (Hot Stone Ship), all boats depart from Bürkliplatz opposite Bellevue.
Why not enjoy dinner on your boat trip? This is one of the best ways to catch a sunset over Lake Zurich. For early risers, morning brunches offer a perfect alternative.

Outdoor activities on Lake Zurich

Why not take a pedal boat onto the lake? Explore leisurely and escape the bustle of the promenade for a moment. Alternatively, paddle around the water on a paddleboard and turn your sightseeing tour into something extraordinary.
Many outdoor pools and riverbanks, called Badis, tempt you to jump into the cold water. Dive in and enjoy your adventure in Lake Zurich.
The Frauenbadi, built in 1888, also offers nostalgia in Art Nouveau style and provides a view of the Grossmünster church in the Old Town.
Prefer exploring on two wheels? Zurich and the surrounding area can also be discovered by bike. Reach lesser-seen spots and cycle into the rural areas around Zurich, passing glittering lakes and deep green forests. Or point your compass north to the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall. Neighbouring Laufen Castle is another must.

Discover the historic centre of Zurich

On a walk through the Old Town, discover fascinating insights into over 2,000 years of history. Zurich's best sights are only a few steps away from each other. To the left and right of the Limmat, narrow alleys wind along the banks. Explore the cobblestones, passing small backyards and magnificent guild houses, churches, historical squares and more highlights of Zurich.

Old Town Churches

The St. Peter church, together with the Grossmünster and the Fraumünster, shape the silhouette of Zurich. All three are located in the Old Town, each with its own unique features.
St. Peter's is not only the oldest parish church in the city but also has the most enormous clock face in Europe. The Fraumünster monastery church is well known for its art. The spectacular windows by the artist Chagalls in the choir room are simply beautiful. Grossmünster is famous for its height, thanks to two towers: Karlsturm and Glockenturm. There are 187 steps leading up to the Karlsturm, rewarding you with a breathtaking view of Zurich and the Limmat valley from the top.

Exploring Zurich neighbourhoods

From the Grossmünster, you may have already spotted another of Zurich's highlights. The quaint Old Town district of Niederdorf comprises winding alleys and lovely shops bursting with charm.
In the middle of it all, you'll find a speciality shop for coffee, tea and chocolate – the Schwarzenbach. Take a step inside, and you're immediately hit by the scent of freshly grounded coffee. More than 300 specially made chocolate creations are just next door.
The Bahnhofstrasse, which connects the station with Lake Zurich, is just as diverse, where shopping, art and specialities from Zurich are united in one place. In summer, the famous street invites you to stroll, browse and buy. In winter, find hot chocolate and mulled wine on every corner.
Don't miss Augustinerstrasse, with its many colourfully painted oriels. As one of the most beautiful historical alleys, it is definitely one of the highlights of Zurich. This is the perfect location to snap a few photos before continuing to the Lindenhof. The romantic park above the alleys opens up a fantastic view that invites you to fall in love.
Below the Lindenhof lies the Schipfe, one of the oldest quarters in Zurich. In the Middle Ages, boats docked here to supply the city with silk, gold and food. This is where the name Schipfe comes from, as the boats were pulled to the shore and then shupft (pushed) back into the water.
To this day, artisans offer a wide variety of quality products from the tiny, crooked houses along the Limmat. You can also sense Zurich's industrial past in the Löwenbräu-Areal. The old brewery stands out for its accentuated modern architecture with numerous galleries, cosy cafés and publishers of art. The Kunsthalle Zurich, an art gallery, is also hidden within the old walls.

The city of visual arts

The Kunsthaus Zurich is among the best things to do in Zurich, a museum hosting attractive exhibitions of international importance. With an art collection from the 13th century to the present, you'll find one of the largest art collections in Switzerland here.
Another must-visit for art lovers is the Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dadaism. The movement, which emerged in Zurich in 1916, cannot be pinned down to just one form of expression. To this day, people read and work in the Cabaret Voltaire during the day and celebrate lavish parties in the historic hall in the evening. The small theatre was also once considered a poor artists pub. Today, the Cabaret is one of the most popular bars in Zurich. You can try good wines accompanied by a selection of Swiss cheeses.
Another meeting place for artists, writers and musicians was the Kronenhalle at Bellevue. The legendary restaurant opened in 1924 and has become one of the top restaurants in Zurich. Here, art lovers get a taste of excellent food and iconic art. The dining hall is decorated with paintings by Chagall, Picasso and Miró. This spot is loved by locals and tourists looking to eat French and Swiss classic dishes.

Swing through Zurich West

It's not only the influence of Dadaism that makes Zurich particularly special. The former industrial quarter of Zurich West is considered a trendy district with unpolished charm.
The graffiti-covered buildings are more reminiscent of Berlin than of a Swiss city. People used to build ships and screw together engines here, but today the neighbourhood is thriving with exciting urban life. When the factories in Zurich West closed down, a creative crowd moved in with new ideas for the derelict industrial quarter. Restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theatres and museums make the quarter unique.
Find Zurich's first market hall where the arches divide into two viaducts. Stalls, shops and restaurants line more than 1,000 square metres. Among them is Bogen F at the westernmost end of the viaduct. The concert venue is an integral part of the city's music scene.

What to eat and drink in Zurich

Zurich's local cuisine is particularly impressive with regional and fresh ingredients. The Kafi Ö offers a perfect start to the day, a cosy setting where you can feel at home and fill your belly with various delicacies. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend ordering traditional Bircher muesli. The nutritious breakfast of oatmeal with milk and fruit is a delicious, healthy option.
If you like sweet food, you should also try Luxemburgerli. These elegant biscuits are reminiscent of French macarons. Some of the best Luxemburgerli can be found at Confiserie Sprüngli, one of the most renowned confectioners in Europe and a pioneer of Swiss chocolate.
Did you know that Zurich has the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world? Plant-based food has been prepared at the Hiltl since 1898. The menu consists of specialities from all over the world, with strong Indian influences.

Zurich nightlife

Besides fruity cocktails at the Hiltl and trendy drinks at Prime Tower, the Langstrasse in Zurich West also promises a legendary evening in Zurich. The Olé Olé Bar is one of the top places to grab a drink. A relaxed atmosphere, a diverse crowd and a jukebox round off the experience.
You probably won't get past the nearby Longstreet Bar without stopping – sooner or later, everyone ends up in this popular establishment.
Want to discover Zurich's club scene? Dance at the Alte Kaserne or pull an all-nighter at the Gonzo – provided you can find the entrance. Rather than by an entrance sign, you're more likely to recognise the club by the typical crowd waiting patiently in front of a phone booth.
If you like it quieter, end the day in a relaxed way in one of the city's lidos. Open-air swimming pools by day, these spots become popular bars in the evening. The most famous among them is the Barfuss Bar.

Accor hotels in Zurich

Zurich is a city with an excellent quality of life, award-winning museums and a lot of tradition. The small metropolis never gets old. Between the financial sector and the creative arts scene, you will discover the contrasts of Zurich around every corner. Whether it's a luxury hotel with rooftop views for a romantic break in Zurich or a convenient option, there's something for everyone in our ALL - Accor Live Limitless collection. If you're planning to get to Zurich by car, choose a hotel with parking to make arriving easier.