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When you spend a day packed with cultural discovery and wonder in Greece, it always ends on a bright note: a sunset that adorns the sky with splendid colours in Oia; the last rays that kiss the highly perched Meteora monasteries; or a dying glow that embraces the majestic Parthenon.


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Visit Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is more than a rocky plateau strewn with ruins. Climb to its summit and you'll realise you're at the best possible spot for admiring Greece's astonishing ancient heritage. This gem is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can visit a museum all about it, wander the Plaka area's quaint old streets in its shadow, or scale the tree-clad hill of Mount Lycabettus to get a great view of it.
By spending two or three days in the Greek capital you'll have time to see incredible street art in the trendy Psyri neighbourhood, go shopping in the luxury boutiques of the upscale Kolonaki district, and cool down beneath the National Garden's exotic plants.

Go island-hopping

Greece has no fewer than 9,000 islands and islets. Travellers flock to these magical destinations to enjoy crystal-clear waters and picture-postcard landscapes.
Moor your boat in the Cyclades, a multifaceted archipelago. Enjoy Mykonos's vibrant nightlife, stroll through Paros's charming white villages and admire Santorini's ochre cliffs.
And in Crete – Greece's biggest island – laze on golden sands, explore the hinterland on exciting hikes and discover archaeological sites like the fascinating Palace of Knossos in Heraklion.
Or book a hotel in Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Swim in its sparkling sea, and travel back in time to the Temple of Apollo, to the Palace of the Grand Master and to where the Colossus of Rhodes once towered, guarding Mandraki port.

Get off the beaten track

Leave the tourist trail and discover unspoilt Greece.
Cross the Corinth Canal to roam the Peloponnese peninsula. This mountainous region is brimming with treasures, from the medieval village of Monemvasia to the fortified town of Mystras. In winter, the area opens its ski resorts and hosts the flamboyant Patras Carnival.
Northern Greece is equally full of surprises. Admire breathtaking views from the peak of Mount Olympus – the seat of the gods – or from Thessaloniki's old hilltop district Ano Poli, where cats seem to reign. And the spellbinding Meteora monasteries – standing above vertical cliff faces – have replaced their old ropes and baskets with stairs, making them more accessible, though they've kept all their vertiginous charm up on their lofty outcrops.

Where can you find a luxury hotel in Greece?

Greece offers hotels for every budget. But why not treat yourself to luxury accommodation? Settle into a 5-star hotel in Athens and enjoy a memorable experience each evening: sip a rooftop cocktail as you admire the Acropolis. Unwind in your sublime infinity pool by the sea in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Or relax in your hotel spa in Corfu – a lush island that evokes Italy.

What can you eat in Greece?

The Cretan diet, known for its healthiness, was born in Greece. Savour sun-drenched vegetables, wholegrain cereal and red wine in good company. Take a seat on a taverna terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea to relish a flavoursome meal. Or concoct a traditional dish after shopping for fresh produce at Athens's central market. And make sure to try revithada (a chickpea stew from the island of Sifnos) or somepapoutsaki (stuffed aubergine) – two tasty Mediterranean dishes.