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Riyadh is regarded as the most beautiful city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a variety of reasons, namely, the climate, cultural history, and religious attractiveness. But Riyadh has much more to offer, from pleasurable shopping to relishing fine cuisine to fascinating activities. Considered as Saudi Arabia's capital and main financial hub, Riyadh is gradually becoming a key business and leisure destination alike.


Riyadh Climate

Riyadh's climate is distinguished by intense heat in the summer, with average temperatures in the low 100s °F, while it is cool in the winter, with temperatures dropping to the low 50s °F. Humidity is low throughout the year, with precipitation typically occurring between November and May.

Riyadh Attractions

The stunning city of Riyadh, the biggest metropolis in the Arabian Peninsula, has so much splendor to offer. Being a central hub, along with its cultural attractions of over 4,000 mosques, several bustling retail malls as well as souks, Riyadh draws a lot of foot traffic, hence underlining the city's vibrant energy. To enjoy Riyadh's attractions, we at Accor aspire to ensure that your experience, be it for leisure or business, is of ultimate luxury and satisfaction. Book at any of our hotels in Riyadhonline, and benefit from our superb offers. Best Price Guaranteed! Here we mention a few unique must-see attractions and experiences during your visit to Riyadh.

National Museum

When visiting Riyadh set aside a day to see the Kingdom's largest and most entertaining museum. The National Museum covers centuries of Arabian prehistory, history, culture and art. It is housed within striking modernist architecture and flower-filled gardens, and houses everything from Neolithic rock art to replicas of old Jeddah buildings. Definitely a magically interactive tour through the ages. If you are looking to stay near the National Museum, Accor offers you the best room booking experience at our hotels to meet all of your expectations. Book your stay today at the ibis Riyadh Olaya Street. This affordable hotel is an oasis of luxury in the heart of Saudi Arabia's capital.

The Al Faisaliyah Center

The Al Faisaliyah Center is a commercial skyscraper in Riyadh's financial district. It is 267 meters high and is famous for being the first skyscraper to be built in Saudi Arabia. After the Kingdom Centre and Abraj Al Bait, it is Saudi Arabia's third-tallest building. The structure, which is shaped like an extended pyramid and stands out from afar at night, appears futuristic. The giant glass globe towards the pinnacle is the tower's most prominent feature. The Al Faisaliah Mall, located on the first floor, houses some of the world's most prestigious designer labels. Looking to stay near this epic center? Book with us at Novotel Suites Riyadh Dyar. This 4-star hotel is well located between Riyadh's business and commercial areas, and several significant attractions are within walking distance. Take advantage of best prices when booking online with Accor, from our best price guarantee to our last-minute and real-time room availability.

The Old Souk (Souk al Zal)

The market dates back to the year 1901, when Saudi Arabia was still forming. The souk is one of Riyadh's most popular tourist destinations. The term "zal" means "floor rug," and refers to the patterned fabrics that are so prevalent in Middle Eastern art. Handmade carpets, gleaming swords hooked daggers, and mysterious perfumes from far-flung lands are among the cultural items for sale. You'll smell the oud before seeing its aromatic smoke rising from scented woodchips and hot coals. If you want to be near the Old Souk, take advantage of our prices when booking online with Accor at Novotel Riyadh Al Anoud. The 4-star hotel is conveniently located in the vibrant Olaya business sector near the Old Souk.

Kingdom Centre

The Kingdom Centre, a spectacular skyscraper, maintains its position as the area's most genuine shopping mall. The structure consists of a tower and a platform with two symmetrical wings. The building's almond-shaped layout and bending curves give it a unique appearance. A glass skybridge spans an inverted arch at the summit of the tower, holding a public observation deck. Head to the Kingdom Tower to the Skybridge for the greatest view of Riyadh! The Kingdom Tower is Riyadh's most renowned structure. It contains a large shopping mall, and the 360-degree view from the Skybridge is breathtaking, making it one of the best things to do in Riyadh. Are you planning to stay near the Kingdom Centre during your visit to Riyadh? Book online with Accor and benefit from our amazing prices, such as at the Novotel Suites Riyadh Olaya. This 4-star boutique hotel provides convenient access to the stunning skyscraper.

Shopping Riyadh

Shopping in Riyadh is a favorite pastime for locals and tourists alike. So, it is no surprise that Riyadh is home to some of the leading malls and souks in the country. Take advantage of Accor's offers and book online at one of the best hotels in Riyadh near your favorite shopping area in Riyadh.

Al Nakheel Mall

A great destination to shop in the city because of its unique design and excellent service. The mall is home to worldwide brands such as LC Waikiki, Lefties, ZARA, Kipling, Nespresso, Karaca, Bershka, and Aldo, and is spread out across a large area. It is Riyadh's largest mall, attracting both residents and foreigners interested in finding the latest fashion trends.

Riyadh Gallery Mall

Known as the the greatest shopping mall in Riyadh because of its worldwide brands, trendy décor, and supreme luxury. The greatest apparel for kids and adults from worldwide high fashion manufacturers. The retail establishments here include the newest fashion trends as well as souvenirs.

Granada Mall

One of the greatest malls in Riyadh that adds a twist to your shopping experience by offering luxury and a colorful ambience. Granada Mall includes a business park and other professional workplaces in addition to food and shopping, making it a perfect destination for all visitors.

Kingdom Tower

The most iconic shopping mall and greatest shopping destination in Riyadh, Kingdom Tower is known to be city's most famous shopping destination featuring some of the top international retailers and highest luxury brands. The mall consists of three stories and hosts over 150 stores.

Deira Souq

A key market area in Riyadh near Masmak Fortress. Visitors may find traditional clothing, Saudi carpets and textiles, key chains, fragrances, scented oils, handcrafted jewelry and a large selection of souvenirs. Vendors frequently offer similar articles across the souq, so tourists may bargain for better deals!

Fine Dining in Riyadh

Riyadh is known for its excellent international cuisine coupled by enchanting experiences. The city has a diverse range of fine dining.


One of Riyadh's most lively open-air entertainment venues, distinguished by its hilltop location and garden lounge setting. With its live music and exotic drinks, Otium is poised to become Riyadh's social centre. Enjoy this relaxing lounge at Accor's Mövenpick Hotel and Residences Riyadh, located near King Abdullah Financial District, ideal for business and leisure travelers seeking real Swiss hospitality. This 5-star Hotel and Residences is also home to Mazaj, popular for its gastronomic creativity, La Citta, notorious for its authentic Italian cuisine, FEZ, known for its Moroccan dishes and Café Bonnard, the Swiss inspired luxury café.

THE 365

A multi-national cuisine restaurant, where guests enjoy gourmet pleasures while interacting with chefs as they produce 9 culinary meals from a worldwide cuisine palette, as well as trademark breakfasts including authentic dishes from across the world. This one-of-a-kind restaurant is located at Fairmont Riyadh. This Accor hotel, located in Business Gate, with unparalleled facilities, hosts PESTO, for lovers of Italian dining as well as Fairmont Riyadh's signature CAFÉ CONNECT.


Creative cuisine and an endless variety of dishes for custom dinners, where you can make great meals with delectable pasta, grilled fish, and meat prepared in a variety of exquisite sauces. This unique experience restaurant can be found at Accor's ibis Riyadh Olaya Street.


The "La Croisette" restaurant at Accor's Novotel Riyadh Al Anoud is known for its delectable cuisine, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service. Enjoy a variety of foods from the international buffet.


In a distinctive open environment adjacent to Accor's Novotel Suites Riyadh Dyar hotel lobby, the Dunes Restaurant serves breakfast and dinner. You can truly escape from your hectic day while dining here, with glass windows all around, modern design, and views of the Kingdom Tower.

Activities in Riyadh

Riyadh is home to a multitude of ancient sites, modern attractions, and some of the most fascinating things to do in the country. Adventure visitors looking for desert hikes, sand dune excursions, and desert camping can find enough of it in the city. Book with Accor online at one our hotels in Riyadh, and enjoy what the city has to offer with ease of mind. Best Price Guaranteed!

Thumamah National Park

Thumamah National Park is a popular outdoor destination in Riyadh. This vast desert, located just north of the city, is one of the greatest spots to hire quad bikes and rip around the dunes. It is also a fantastic location for camel and horseback riding. While camel and horse rides are not offered at the Park, tourists may negotiate with local farmers to rent a ride around the park.

Nofa Wildlife Park

One of the most unique experiences in Riyadh located approximately 80km from the Diplomatic Quarter, the Nofa Wildlife Park should be one of the must-visit places on any visitors list. Whether you're spending a day with family or alone, visiting this hidden treasure should not be missed. Featuring 700 free-roaming giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, ostriches, hippos, and a variety of other wildlife species, visitors can get up close and personal witnessing the ultimate African safari experience.

Riyadh Golf Courses

Only 20 minutes from Riyadh, the Riyadh Golf Courses is an ideal location for members, guests, and golfers, to enjoy a variety of advantages and outstanding golfing facilities. Whether you're playing golf, eating a meal, or using the sports facilities, you will be surrounded by a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

King Abdulaziz Racetrack

Horse-racing in the Kingdom dates back more than five decades. The Saudi Cup, the wealthiest thoroughbred horse race in the world, is contested at the King Abdulaziz racetrack. It is a two-day international racing festival and the most valuable race in the world. The race had a record number of submissions from 22 countries this year.