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The Middle East is the birth of the 3 Abrahamic religions. Its population exceeds 411 million and its home to 18 countries, 5 of the world’s wonders, delicious food among with few of the world’s best cuisines as well as one of the greatest hospitalities of all time. Read through with us to uncover Middle East’s true delicacy and what it has to offer from places to culture and hospitality.

Middle East

Places To Visit in the Middle East

There are so many places to visit and discover in the Middle East with so many popular destinations and holiday getaways. One of the most interesting regions in the world, read through to discover with us this breathtaking gem and its wonders.

Most Popular Destinations

There are so many places in the Middle East to go to, and a lot more to discover, from gorgeous dunes to breath-taking green nature and city-defining skyscrapers. Never do you get enough from what the Middle East has to offer.

Explore Modernity in the United Arab Emirates

Even though UAE is not as old as the other countries in the Middle East, it for sure has a history and a fast way of evolving. The country holds the award for the world's tallest skyscraper also known as "Burj Khalifa" and the world fastest roller coaster in its capital Abu Dhabi also known as "Formula Rossa". It's home to more than 200 nationalities around the world, and its capital is one of the safest cities in the world, isn't that impressive? Click here to know more about this amazing country and our finest pick of hotels for you to stay at.

Dive into a world full of wonders in Jordan

Jordan is home to one of the world's new seven wonders, as well as the lowest place on the earth. Explore the world's mysteries and plunge into breathtaking ancient sites. Petra, Amman, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, the Red Sea, and the Dead Sea are a few of Jordan's major tourist attractions. The country is also known for its generous hospitality, and on top of that, it serves mouth-watering Levant food like that of Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian origins. Visit Jordan for a stay you'll want to last forever.

Discover Saudi Arabia's diverse attractions

This destination is the most popular in the Middle East due to its Hajj and Umrah season in the holy destinations of Mecca and Madinah. But a lot of sister destinations are also worth going to Saudi Arabia for like Jeddah and Al Khobar, and a lot more destinations showing off the true culture of the country. Take a road trip around the surrounding desert dunes and experience culture at its finest among Saudi nationals. A diversity of delectable dishes awaits you at the largest Middle Eastern destination.

Middle Eastern Culture

Middle Eastern culture is anything but boring. The way it's diverse with so many religions, nationalities, places, and food is just mind-blowing. The Middle East has amazing cuisine that ranges from Emirati to Lebanese, Saudi, Jordanian etc. Its people are also known for being bilingual and trilingual, especially those from the Levant area knowing that Arabic is the main language with over 60% of the population having it as their native language.

Delicious Foods to Try in the Middle East

We don't think words can describe Middle Eastern cuisine as much as your tastebuds can. The flavours are a mash-up of spicy, sweet, sour, creamy, and everything in between. Middle Eastern cuisine is divided into two parts: GCC cuisine and Levant cuisine. They are both unique and distinct in their own ways. The Levant cuisine is well-known for a variety of dishes such as Vine Leaves, Hummus, Batata Harra, Mloukhiye, Kebbe B Laban, the iconic Palestinian Maqloube, and so on, and it is typically suitable for vegetarians or vegans. While Khaleeji food is slightly different. They are well-known for their meat accompanied with rice specialities. Mandi, Biryani, Kabse, Machbous, and other delectable foods. We're not done yet! The Middle East has a variety of excellent delicacies for your sweet tooth. From Baklava to Maa'moul and other delectable delights. Let your palate carry you to a world of delicious Middle Eastern flavours. Learn more about our restaurants and bars in the United Arab Emirates and other amazing destinations by clicking here.

Middle Eastern Hospitality

In the Middle East, hospitality is a ritual, and it's important for Middle Eastern natives to show how much they appreciate their guests by providing them with all necessities and making them feel at home. Middle Eastern nationals are known for their generosity, royal treatments, delicious food, and impeccable guest satisfaction and so it comes to no surprise that it's also home to few of the world's most famous hotel brands that are known for their excellent service like Raffles, Swissotel, Rixos, etc. As well as some of the most affordable hotel brands like Ibis and Novotel. The Middle East never fails to make you feel at home while on vacation, making it a destination you'll always want to return to. It's definitely a region worth visiting in one's lifetime. If you are looking to visit the Middle East, book online with Accor at one of our top hotels ranging from ultra-luxury ones to economy, and benefit from our best prices and last-minute availability. Book your next stay in any of our hotels in the Middle East with confidence. With ALL - Accor Live Limitless, the best price is guaranteed!