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All our hotels in Casablanca


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Casablanca is Morocco's capital and largest city, offering a stunning view of the Atlantic coast. The historical core of the ancient city is encircled by a wall and several exquisite doors, and the city is rich in unique and fascinating tourist attractions. Casablanca is the country's principal entry point and many tourists' first experience of Morocco, as it is home to the country's main international airport. With a sophisticated swagger unmatched in other regions of the nation, this busy metropolis is Morocco's commercial powerhouse and industrial core. The downtown Mauresque architecture, a mix of Moorish design and European art deco, reflects the city's French colonial past. The massive Hassan II Mosque, which was finished in 1993 and stands partly over the water, has a 210m minaret topped with lasers aimed at Mecca. Most travellers bypass Morocco's major cities in favour of Marrakech and Fes, therefore Casablanca is generally disregarded as a holiday destination. However, rather than passing through right away, it is worthwhile to enjoy a couple of days exploring all of Casablanca's attractions. Planning on visiting Casablanca? Accor Hotels locate hotels in Casablanca that suit your requirements. Check out our incredible hotel deals and book now to get our Best Price Guarantee!

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