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Beyond the march of the Mariachi bands, Mexico City is a cultural tour de force. The capital of Mexico, this vibrant city is a surprising blend of arty neighbourhoods, ancient pyramids, culinary experiences, mega museums, and gorgeous green spaces.

Mexico City

A high-altitude and high-mood capital, Mexico City is a buzzing metropolis and sits in Mesa Central. Famed for being one of the megacities of the world - it's a place where the cosmopolitan appeal comes with an edge. Fringed by pre-Hispanic monuments, loaded with Aztec ruins, and with bright markets, fiestas, and fun-fuelled evenings - the city is nothing short of spectacular. Whether you stay in a hotel in the historic centre, lively and trendy Reforma district or if you seek a cosy romantic hotel break in Frida Kahlo's Coyoacan neighbourhood, Mexico City has a corner for everyone.

Getting Around Mexico City

Slung across a natural shallow basin, Mexico City is almost intimidating in its size and sprawl - backed up by the fact that around 9 million people call this urban centre home. While traffic can be testing, the biggest city in Northern America has a solid public transport set up with the metro offering one of the best and most affordable ways of hitting all the happening spots. For those who prefer to swerve the subway, there are trolley buses, regular buses, private mini buses, and taxis. The historic centre is easily accessible by foot and for the active traveller, free bicycles can be loaned although the sometimes hectic road systems mean you should pedal with care.

A Culinary Capital

Bursting at the seams with flavour, Mexico City is famed for its sense of culinary cool. From tasty taquerias to steamy and sizzling market stands, elegant eateries, and bohemian bars where smoky mezcal is shaken and served in the hippest hedonistic ways, you will never tire of the flourishing foodie scene in Mexico City. The most traditional tastes can be found in the Centro Historico where history-laden cantinas still boast Pancho Villas bullet holes. Cooking classes, food tours, and magical mash-ups of fusion dishes can also be found on every corner of Roma, Condesa and Polanco neighbourhoods.

Must See Attractions

Mexico City has endless appeal when it comes to amazing things to do. The city offers a fantastic array of adventures - whether you want to cheer on the wrestlers of Lucha Libre, admire the ancient architecture, see the world-famous artworks of Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera, or fall in love with floating gardens and boutique-lined neighbourhoods. San Angel is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods with its mansions and elegant cafes draped in floral bliss. Coyoacan is all sleepy charm and is the former home of Frida Kahlo, and Xochimilco is a must for soaking up that sweet carnival atmosphere and listening to the sounds of the marimba as you stroll the scenic canals. Here are some more must-see attractions in Mexico City…

The Zocalo

The Zocolo is the beating heart of the city and home to some of the most striking architecture you can find in the capital. The grandest cathedral in Latin America, the Cathedral Metropolitana is a sculpted ornate dream and well worth exploring - be sure to pay a few pesos to delve into the depths of the crypt. The Palacio Nacional is also here and has been standing strong since the 16th century. Art lovers can also glimpse the generous murals by Diego Riviera here.

Pyramids of Teotihuacán

Taking the ride out of the city is well worthwhile to see the pyramids. Walk the Avenue of the Dead until you come to the place where the Pyramid of the Moon and the mega Pyramid of the Sun stand tall. This was once one of the greatest pre-hispanic cities and now visitors can wander through the most prestigious and sacred aisles of the former kingdom.

Museo Frida Kahlo

One of the most famous artists in modern history and a cult figure that is now synonymous with the city, Frida Kahlo's Blue House in beautiful Coyoacan is well worth a visit. Visitors flock to the artist's former home to explore the rooms where the artist spent her days fulfilling every fan's fantasy. The art collection is relatively small but there are many relics, personal items, and artefacts that are worth the admission alone.

The Floating Gardens

The floating Aztec gardens bring a riot of colour to the canals of Xochimilco. Bright boats punt along the waterways passing by the floating gardens - where fruits and flowers grow atop rafts of floating reeds. Over 500 years ago these gardens served as the economic stronghold of the Aztec Empire and even to this day they inspire. On weekends, the place takes a carnival atmosphere with live music, fragrant street food, and families and friends making the most of the fiesta spirit.

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