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Sharm El Sheikh is a turquoise-blue water paradise, with warm sandy beaches and a nightlife scene like no other in Egypt. Located in the peninsula of Sinai overlooking the Red Sea, alongside the coastal towns of Dahab, Nuweiba, St Catherine and Mount Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh is considered the tourism centre of Egypt. Thanks to the many peace international conferences and diplomatic meetings that took place in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, it was bestowed the title of ‘City of Peace’. All year round, Sharm El Sheikh offers sunshine and warm temperatures making it a perfect tourism destination. With plenty of hotels and beach resorts, couples looking for a fun getaway or families on holidays can find their dream vacation in Sharm El Sheikh. From crazy water activities and extreme sports to desert safaris and park rides, memories are sure to be made in this piece of paradise. You can also visit St Catherine Monastery or the majestic Sinai Mountains for a little serene ride. The Naama Bay is where all the action happens, and for a little souvenir shopping spree, head to the old town. Sharm El Sheikh has all it takes to make your holiday an unforgettable one.
Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh


Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect place to discover beautiful weather, fun activities, and many hidden gems. Diving in its deep waters or watching its glistening waters while sunbathing, it has something for everyone.

Dive in the Deep Lagoons of Dahab

Merely an hour's drive away from Sharm El Sheikh, is Dahab, a destination so alluring that many visitors make a home out of its beautiful atmosphere. It is considered one of the Red Sea's top diving resorts and towns. For all underwater adventure lovers and thrill seekers, this old fishing town is the answer. Here you can find many cafés, restaurants, and artisan shops lined up on its bright colourful streets. Whether you are a newbie or a skilled diver, the Blue Hole in Dahab is a must-visit diving spot due to its calm waters and the absence of currents. This site holds an underwater museum filled with mammoth statues made of recycled materials as well as a submerged British Merchant Navy ship from World War II. For those seeking an easy snorkelling experience, head to The Three Pools dive site nearby Akaba for an underwater kaleidoscope of brilliant colours. The Blue Lagoon is the spot for all wind and kite surfers. Dahab also offers horseback rides to watch the sunset along its beaches. It is no wonder Dahab is such a popular destination for all kinds of water activities and adventures.

Enjoy a Day of Fun in Naama Bay

Where beach life meets nightlife. Naama Bay is a vast white sand natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh and is considered the main hub of the city for its daytime and nighttime activities. Stroll on its famous promenade, lined up with cafés, restaurants, and bazaars. During the day, partake in a wide array of water activities such as water skiing, parasailing, and windsurfing. You can also go snorkelling and explore its underwater treasures and fauna. After the sunset, make the most of its nightlife by hopping to the stalls and lively bars for food, drinks, and good times! Check out Naama Bay Promenade Beach Resort and stay right at the promenade in one of the best hotels at the best prices.

Explore the Underwater World at Ras Mohammed National Park

As Egypt's first protected area, the Ras Mohammed National Park is indisputably one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Sinai. It was declared by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) as a marine reserve for the protection of marine and terrestrial wildlife due to the increase in dangerous fishing, urban development, and human activity. The area is formed by ancient corals, some of which emerge from the surface. The currents are incredible, bringing in all sorts of fish families and species, even sea turtles, as well as over 220 species of corals and other underwater ecosystem. On the other hand, the land part of the park comprises of forests, mountains, sand dunes and wadis for you to explore. The Ras Muhammad National Park is an underwater haven for snorkellers and scuba divers alike.

Hike the Mountains of Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine is a city in the southern region of Sinai, at the foot of Mount Sinai. It is known for being the site of Saint Catherine's Monastery and a recently declared area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In recent times, Saint Catherine City is considered the newest township in Egypt with several buildings including a high school, a hospital, a range of hotels and other establishments, being erected. The Saint Catherine Monastery was built between 548 and 565 and is the oldest inhabited Christian monastery in the world. Its greatest treasures are the icons, some of which were painted before the 8th century, and the many manuscripts on display. The monastery also holds the world's oldest continually operating library, keeping extremely rare and ancient works, among the largest collection of early Christian icons. What adds to the beauty of the monastery is its location at the foot of the impressive Mount Sinai. Make sure to visit Saint Catherine, climb Mount Sinai and marvel at the sunrise shining over its peak. Take a tour of the monastery and you can even camp around the site, basking in this area's rocky beauty.

Take a Tour of the Heavenly Cathedral

For a peak into the Coptic Orthodox history, visit the Heavenly Cathedral, located in the Hay El Noor District of Sharm El Sheikh. Built in 2010, the church features an elaborately painted ceiling and walls, and magnificent architecture with gilded arches. Beautiful chandeliers hang and biblical events and Saint's lives are painted over the walls. Tall stained-glass windows also offer the visitor an artistic take on this religious, recommended visit.


Whether you are immersed in the waters or chilling at one of the hot spots in Naama Bay trying the most succulent seafood platters, a good time is guaranteed in Sharm El Sheikh. With pleasant weather day and night, your vacation is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Go Diving

Other than the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Hole in Dahab, as well as the Ras Mohamed National Park, Sharm El Sheikh offers many diving spots for underwater adventure seekers. There are around 30 different diving sites in Sharm El Sheikh. Its proximity to the Red Sea makes it an ideal habitat for abundant marine life. You can find diving centres and tours to take you anywhere you want, packing your journey with useful information on large comfortable diving boats. The sites offer all diving lovers a place for their sports. You can find easy diving shallow sites and you can find more advanced, deep diving sites for more professional divers. The Red Sea's wonders will not fail to amaze you while diving all over Sharm El Sheikh. Prepare to see the Straits of Tiran, exploring coral gardens and pinnacles, endless reefs and mesmerizing wonders. Night dives are also available for nocturnal lovers. Other diving sites include the temple, Jackfish Alley, the Million Hope Wreck, and many more!

Go Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh Old Town

Visit the old town in Sharm El Sheikh and explore the traditional marketplace, which is comprised of a variety of small stalls and shops. You can find an array of products including a variety of Egyptian mementoes and keepsakes. The Old Market will offer an atmosphere of old times with an array of shops selling jewellery, clothing, herbs, leather goods, artisan work and locally made products. After your promenade, sit at one of the many restaurants in the Old Market and enjoy their delicious options. So, if you fancy some seafood, you can whet your appetite in any of their seafood restaurants or try the famous fruit stalls for a refreshing snack.

Where to Eat in Sharm El Sheikh

Exploring Sharm El Sheikh is a great way to embrace this vibrant, colourful culture. Especially in the culinary department, you can experience a multitude of cuisines, savour amazing dishes while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere. Sharm El Sheikh has the best seafood spots in the whole area. As it is a beachside destination, you can try freshly prepared seafood delicacies by Egypt's finest chefs. Other than a taste of the sea, many international cuisines such as Asian, Indian, Lebanese, and many more, are spread out across a multitude of restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh. If you are craving some of the most satisfying Indian dishes paired with an exquisite view overlooking the Naama Bay, then the Rangoli at the Movenpick Sharm El Sheikh is your destination. Tender meat and seafood directly from the tandoor to your table. Rangoli is an attractive spot you do not want to miss while in Sharm El Sheikh. Lalezar Restaurant in Rixos Sharm El Sheikh and Rixos Premium Seagate is an unparalleled destination for Ottoman cuisine, combined with spectacular views of the Red Sea. Also at Rixos Premium Seagate, discover the Mangal BBQ restaurant for an ideal dinner under the tall palm trees as well as Salt Seafood restaurant for a selection of fresh, seasonal seafood dishes.