Gold Coast Family Holiday Accommodation

Discover the perfect Gold Coast accommodation options for you and your family. From hotels to apartments, we cover off every avenue.

Tailor your accommodation for the entire family and discover the best style of living for your next Gold Coast trip. To experience the best of the Gold Coast, your living space needs to feel stress-free and completely comfortable. Ahead, we’ve created a guide to help you determine which type of family accommodation works for your entire crew.

Family-Friendly Gold Coast Hotels

Whether you’re looking to spend the entire day at amusement parks with the kids or take in the serene environment at the hotel pool, the Gold Coast is home to a wide range of unique family accommodation options that will enhance your overall experience.


After long days of travel, it helps to come back to a calming environment where the kids have options toplay, explore or be looked after if the option is there! See the advantages of hotel family holiday living...


Hotel Services

For a change of pace, hotels can provide a wide range of services, whether that be within your room rate or at an extra cost. A day spent hiking with the kids or running around SeaWorld doesn’t allow much time for tasks like laundry or even cooking – so taking the opportunity to sit back and letting the hotel team take the lead might be the best option. 


Whether you need a massage appointment, require a babysitter for the evening or a restaurant accessible right at your fingertips in the hotel, gaining a few extra hours to relax can only enhance your Gold Coast holiday experience.

A Luxe Approach

Going down the hotel route will ensure you have more options for the kids to explore, play and immerse themselves in a stimulating environment.


For family accommodation, it’s reassuring to know that there are facilities nearby that can help you out. Laundry, lounges, continental breakfasts, Wi-Fi, and pools add to the experience and fun of the holiday.


Making the most out of the amenities also provides a sense of freedom – especially if you have teenagers or little ones running around.

Gold Coast Serviced Apartments

For some, a space that feels homely is imperative. Having the comforts of home in the form of a kitchen and a lounge in a cosy space can provide a sense of wellbeing that hotels may not provide.


For a Gold Coast family holiday that feels akin to your usual structure, an apartment option can enhance your trip and suit your family’s at-home environment more closely.


Homely environment

Even though you’re on holiday, going out for meals every night of the week can be costly. Having an apartment with an inbuilt kitchen allows you to cook freely, any time of day – at a reasonable cost. If you have dietary requirements, or prefer a specific meal plan, this type of apartment option can work really well with a more structured lifestyle. Comfort is key here, and having a decent amount of space to sprawl out in the apartment can help you truly wind down from the day. 



If savings is on the mind – those Gold Coast theme park tickets can add up – there’s less of a cost with serviced apartments. For longer-term stays, serviced apartments could be more value for money. 


Communal living 

If travelling with a larger family or friends, there’s a chance that the hotel complex won’t be able to situate you all in adjacent rooms.


When looking at serviced apartments, you can choose a 2- or 3-bedroom layout along with lounge space and kitchen that allows people to congregate or spread out a little. This works for groups who prefer to have the choice and can come and go as they please without feeling confined to one solo room.


Luxury match

When compared to their hotel counterparts, there’s a misconception that apartments don’t offer any luxury services. There may be a difference, but serviced apartments can provide a range of facilities like pools, playgrounds, gyms, plus free internet is usually provided.


For some Gold Coast holiday apartments, the amenities can include tennis courts, free parking at selected hotels, lagoon pools, BBQ’s and even private cinemas!


Convenient location 

For family accommodation that sits right in the heart of the Gold Coast, serviced apartments are usually close to lively areas, with restaurants and cafes only moments away.


Many are within walking distance to beaches and public transport, making it easy for you and the family to travel around the Gold Coast freely.

So, which is the best family accommodation on the Gold Coast?

We all travel differently, but you know your family better than anyone. It all depends on howyou and your loved ones want to holiday. Enjoy a bit of freedom to run how you want, or let others pamper you.


Take a look at the selection of Gold Coast serviced apartments and hotels to see which place fits your family best.

If these items tick your boxes for an enjoyable stay, it's fair to say a serviced apartment stay is more your thing:

a. Space – you’re travelling as a group and looking for accommodation with communal spaces and 2 or 3 bedrooms.


b. Kitchen facilities – you love dining out but like to have the option to cook where you’re staying, especially if your accommodation has gorgeous balcony with views.


c. Dining facilities – If you’re cooking a family meal, you’ll need space to sit, dine and enjoy.


d. Laundry facilities – you’re planning on staying for longer than a few days and don’t want to pack an entire family wardrobe – cue laundry facilities so you can pack less, wash and wear whilst you’re away.


e. Multiple Bathrooms – when travelling as a family, you may need more than 1 bathroom to avoid awkward queues (especially in the morning).


A selection of Gold Coast serviced apartment options:  

If these items tick your boxes for an enjoyable holiday, a hotel stay is more your thing:

a. Convenience– easy access to services (most hotels offer a range of services direct to room) including Room Service, Housekeeping, Wellness and Fitness.


b. Dining out – you’re on holiday and don’t want to be troubled with food prep. You’re keen on exploring the restaurant and bar options in-hotel or close by as you please.


c. Budget – you may be able to keep the budget lower for a shorter stay if you’re travelling as a small family group and can utilise two beds or a cot format within the same room. This is ideal for families with young children whoneed to maintain close proximity to their children. Did you know, Novotel hotels offer great family travel benefits? Discover family travel perks. (*Conditions will vary per hotel and per age of the child(ren) you’re travelling with.)


d. Amenities– hotel perks like toiletries are replenished daily and comfort itemslike robes and slippers provided across a wide range of hotel brands, so yourfamily can concentrate on the important holiday fundamentals like relaxationand comfort during your stay.


Gold Coast hotel suggestion:

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