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The deep, blue pacific ocean, island archipelagoes, beaches, luxury - immerse yourself in the most beautiful surroundings when you visit the Australia Pacific region. Treat yourself to an island escape from iconic beaches in Sydney to overwater bungalows in Tahiti. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, don't forget our Best Price Guarantee means that you can be sure of booking at the best rate.
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Australia Pacific

Why visit Australia Pacific

Wherever you decide to stay in the Australia Pacific region, you'll meet with friendly locals, emerald forests, and incredible local produce. Visit Australia for its combination of modern cities, beautiful beaches and unique natural beauty. Visit Fiji or French Polynesian islands for tropical island vibes to enjoy instagrammable clear waters and swaying palm trees. Adventure lovers should check out New Zealand and explore volcanoes and ski fields. Whatever your travelling style, Australia Pacific has it all - excitement, adventure, romance, peace, luxury, and more.

When to visit Australia Pacific

If you're visiting the south of Australia or New Zealand, there are four seasons, with summer falling from December to February. Temperatures vary from mild to hot, with heights of 30 degrees celsius reached in some cities. New Zealand is generally cooler than Australia. If you're visiting the Northern parts of Australia or Fiji and French Polynesian islands, there are only two seasons - a wet and dry season. Temperatures are tropical, warm and humid year-round, but there is less rainfall over the dry season (May-October). This is the best and most popular time to visit.

Getting around Australia Pacific

Getting around Australia is easy. Being a highly developed country, public transport in the main cities is sound, with railway systems and coaches available to travel between cities. There are also airports in all major cities for those short on time and wishing to fly around. Road trips are popular in Australia, and hire cars are available for that option. New Zealand is similarly equipped and easy to get around. Getting around Fiji and French Polynesian islands may prove more difficult. You can organise ferries or cars for getting around or opt to discover some of the smaller islands by foot.

Things to do in Australia Pacific

What you do in the Australia Pacific region depends entirely on where you visit and what you're after. All countries within the area are islands, so ocean activities are popular across the board. Try snorkelling, scuba diving, water sports, or simply swimming. Beautiful beaches abound across the Australia Pacific, so you're in luck if you're after a relaxing beach holiday. Beautiful beaches are the norm, not the exception, from Bondi Beach in Sydney to Scarborough Beach in Perth, Honeymoon Beach in Fiji and Matira Beach in Bora Bora. There are plenty to choose from in the Australia Pacific region. Try white water rafting, hiking, or sky diving in New Zealand for action and adventure. For shopping and dining, visit Melbourne's iconic laneways or Sydney's harbourside. Whether you're with family, friends, loved ones or solo, you can rest assured you'll be met with varied things to do and places to eat. Be prepared to be awestruck by natural beauty too.

Where to stay in Australia Pacific

With over 400 Accor hotels in Australia Pacific, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of hotels to suit your travel needs. With budget options such as ibis Styles Canberra, ibis style Brisbane Elizabeth Street; luxury options such as Fable Auckland Mgallery, Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort, SO/ Auckland or Sofitel Melbourne on Collins; family-friendly options such as Mercure Nadi, Mantra Broadbeach on the Park; and more. Travel across the entire Australia Pacific region using an Accor hotel as your base. Get the best price when you book direct and don't forget to sign up as an ALL - Accor Live Limitless member for free to earn Reward points and recieve perks for your loyalty.

Australia Pacific FAQ's

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