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Mercure Xi an NorthIbis Xi'an Bell Tower East HotelIbis Xi'an Gaoxin 6th RoadIbis Styles Xi 'an Daxing New District G park HotelIbis Xian Xingqing Palace Park Hotelibis Xi'an High-Tech ZoneIbis Xian Hi-Tech Zone No.7 Keji Rd HotelMercure Xian QujiangNovotel Xi'an XinxingMercure Xian Dayan PagodaMercure Xian Dazhai RoadMercure Xi'an History Museumibis xi'an North Second Ring Weiyang Rd HotelMercure Xi'an High-tech Zone CenterMercure Xi'an ChanbaMercure Xian Hi Tech Zoneibis Xi'an Qinglong Temple HotelDhawa Xi'an ChanbaIbis Xi an Jianzhang Road Fengdong New Area Hotelibis Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition CNovotel Xian XixianGARRYA XI'AN LINTONGibis Xi'an Lintong Huaqing Hot Spring HotelAngsana Xi'an LintongIbis Styles Xi'an Bell and DrumSofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel XianGrand Mercure Xian Renmin SquareSofitel Xian on Renmin Square


The capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an is located in the heart of the Guanzhong Basin. Shadowed by the Qinling Mountains to the north and the Weihe River to the south, Xi’an is famous for its natural beauty and rich heritage. One of China’s largest and oldest cities, Xi'an served as the seat of 12 imperial capitals for more than a thousand years. Home to more than two hundred and seventy palaces and temples including the Three Han Palaces, Xi’an offers a fascinating walk down memory lane. Don’t miss the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang featuring the famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Other sites and highlights include the Xi'an City Wall, Famen Temple and Shaanxi History Museum.