Countries in Asia

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Treat Yourself to a 5-Star Hotel in Asia

Experience your next holiday in style and treat yourself to a 5-star hotel in Asia. While a great holiday is defined by the experiences you will collect along the way, there's no finer way of bringing it all together than by staying in the most lavish and luxurious accommodation. When you travel with ALL, it's about the journey and the destination.
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There's something for everyone in Asia

One of the most remarkable things that attracts people tourists to Asia each year is the food. Countries like Thailand and Japan have a very unique and delicious cuisine that is well worth experiencing in the flesh.
But, if food isn't the driving force behind your desire to travel then Asia has plenty of other experiences to offer. For example: Asia is a visually stunning part of the world. From the ancient temples of Cambodia, the countless tropical Indonesian islands or the rolling emerald mountains of Malaysia, if you desire a feast for the eyes then a holiday in Asia will almost certainly deliver.
There is so much diversity in Asia and each country has its own unique and accommodating personality. If you like to travel to immerse yourself into new and unfamiliar cultures, then you will truly find yourself blown away by the majesty of Asia.
When it comes to holidays in Asia, booking hotels is easy. This is because there is simply so much variety to suit all budgets. No matter which country you want to visit in Asia, whether you you're your heart set on Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, or Malaysia, you'll find no shortage of places to stay.
Whether you need an Asia family hotel or a romantic boutique that's perfect for couples, we have something to suit everyone.