City Breaks in Eastern Europe

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Topping every offbeat traveller's list are city breaks to Eastern Europe. Shaped under the heavy hand of history and with open-air museums, hearty cuisine, literary cafe culture, and unrivalled nightlife. Heartbreakers like Prague can give Paris a run for her money in terms of beauty whereas the fusion of folklore, soviet history, and modern energy will make you dizzy in the likes of Sofia and Bucharest.  
From soaking in steamy hot springs to sipping beers in Krakow's famous Main Market Square and indulging in underground arts and culture in Warsaw, Eastern Europe knows how to get under your skin. As Eastern Europe still sits beneath the tourist radar, visitors can find these cities brimming with hidden gems, curious locals, and a deeper sense of discovery, especially in the lesser-known spots. 
Steeped in tradition and ever-evolving, there’s a ripple of excitement and energy that runs beneath the major cities of Eastern Europe. With low-cost flights and affordable options, this side of Europe is known for being cheaper than its western neighbours and with authentic encounters, rich hospitality, and endless cultural variety,  Eastern Europe is more compelling than ever.

Budapest Ausblick


Connecting Buda to Pest by the famous bridge that crosses the Danube, this European city is an architectural heavyweight. A beautiful mix of baroque and art nouveau buildings, from 13th-century castles to hot springs and incredible cuisine.

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Autumn in Bucharest


Where history and spirit collide - Bucharest is never boring. This vibrant city is a mood board of cool cafes, laid-back bars, edgy restaurants, and buzzing nightlife. It’s easy to stay entertained on this interesting city break.

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Hotele w Krakowie


Poland’s original regal city, Krakow has it all. Modern Krakow is considered to be the cultural capital with its bohemian bar scene, contemporary museums, and endless program of festivals and pop-up events.

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Autumn in Prague


The city of spires, Prague is one of the prettiest literary cities in Eastern Europe. For lovers of books, beer, and wild boar goulash, you couldn’t ask for a better city break. Scribble away in art deco cafes, wander the cobbled streets...

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Those looking for cheap city breaks in Eastern Europe will find exactly that in wonderful Warsaw. Paying homage to its chequered history, modern Warsaw is a world where old meets new in terms of architecture and mood.

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Bulgaria’s youthful capital sits under the shadow of Mount Vitosha and makes for an offbeat eclectic city stay in Eastern Europe. With its history dating back to the 4th century AD, peek beneath the surface of the city and you find a treasure.

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