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Located in a valley between the Bauges and the Cartreuese Mountains, Chambéry is an Alpine town in eastern France. Make the most of your visit by taking your pick from our selection of hotels in Chambéry below. Possibly the most famous landmark in the town is an at first surprising statue of four elephants (La Fontaine des Elephants), created to commemorate Benoît de Boigne's exploits in India. The statue has earned the nickname of "les quatre sans culs" locally. Travelling into the old town you can see examples of old, French architecture, with some streets looking exactly as they would have 500 years ago. The Chateau des Ducs de Savoie is a beautifully old (but still in-use) building which houses a museum with information on the local area. Alternatively, the Musee des Charmettes also features an expansive, sloping garden with old world charms in addition to a museum about the history of Rousseau. Chambéry is accessible through a number of rail connections, bus links and from air via Chambéry Airport. Booking a hotel in Chambéry with Accor couldn't be easier. Simply browse our selection of hotels below and choose one that best suits your needs. Booking online with Accor offers a host of benefits, including our Best Price Guarantee and last minute and real-time room availability.