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Lao People'S Democratic Republic

Formerly known as the "land of a million elephants" or "Lan Xiang", Laos is a destination that is remarkably different. The Capital city of Vientiane is a charming and peaceful town boasting tree-lined boulevards and some of the most majestic architecture in Southeast Asia. The capital city is rich with stunning monuments and temples that relay the vibrant history of Laos.
Outside the city you can find so many amazing sights to see, such as the colonial architecture of Luang Prabang and Savannakhet.
Other things to do include enjoying shopping for hand-crafted products made by the various friendly ethnic groups that make up the Laos population, and unwinding as you explore the marvellous environment and cool misty hilltops that are scattered throughout the country.
A land of constant surprises, Laos offers a plethora of exciting things to see and do – many of which you will be hard-pressed to experience elsewhere.
Modern development and the rise in tourism has ensured that all who desire creature comforts and superior quality are well accommodated, just as those who prefer a little adventure in their holidays can find plenty of opportunity to step outside their comfort zones.
Laos hotels are world-renowned for their warm and friendly service. The locals take great pride in hospitality and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are well taken care of and that is the same whether you are staying in a luxury hotel in Laos, or more of a smaller boutique hotel in Laos.
Another great thing about Laos is how affordable it is. Considering the quality of accommodation and the sheer volume of amazing things there is to do, Laos hotel prices will surprise you.

What is there to do in Laos?

Laos is without question a culture trip that provides time and time again with some incredible architecture and rich culture. However, there is so much more to this country than its rolling beautiful countryside and awe-inspiring temples.
From endless night markets, cave tubing, kayaking, hot air ballooning, bowling, swimming in waterfalls and dining out in some of the finest restaurants, you'll never run out of things to see and taste and try! Here are just some of the top things to experience in Laos:

  • Nam Dee Waterfall – as if an incredible and stunning waterfall wasn't enough of a reason to make the trek, it is located just behind Ban Nam Dee village, whose name means good water. This in an excellent place to witness and learn about the process of making paper from bamboo, so you can enjoy this charming village before going to see the majestic waterfall itself.
  • Nong Khiaw Viewpoint – a few hours outside of Luang Prabang, the breath-taking view from Nong Khiaw makes it well worth the car ride or taxi fare it takes to get there. Look upon the Nam Ou River, the impressive mountains, and village of Nong Khiaw, and get some wonderful photographs to help ensure you don't forget this unforgettable sight!
  • The 100 Waterfalls Trek – if you think that one waterfall just isn't enough, you have to check out this incredible hike that leads you past and through hundreds of cascading waterfalls surrounded by beautiful jungle. Starting close to Nong Khiaw, you can take in the views and then begin your walk down, just be prepared to get wet!
  • Pha Thok Caves – if you are a fan of history, or just like a good cave, then the Pha Thok Caves are not to be missed. They were used to house hundreds of people in the 1960s who were escaping the wars, and had all kinds of areas and amenities set up including a hospital. A fascinating experience and at a very cheap price too.
  • The Grand Luang Prabang – formerly known as Xiengkeo Palace, the old home of the Prime Minister in Laos, these beautiful buildings were converted into a hotel after the communist revolution but still retain their splendour.
  • Tube the Nam Song River – if you head to Vang Vieng you will hear a great deal about the fun you can have tubing on the river. There are several bars where you can hang out and relax, you can go kayaking, or kick back with a beer in a tube. Bliss.
  • Climb the Patuxai Monument – also known as the Victory Gate, and styled on the French Arc De Triomphe, but with a distinct style all of its own, this monument is a must see for anyone visiting Vientiane.
  • Vientiane Night Market – held along the Mekong riverfront, this night market is a charming spot to pick up any gifts or souvenirs you may want to buy to remember your time in this lovely country. Night Markets are more magical than ordinary ones, coming alive in the dark and giving you something different to do in the evening.
  • Traditional Lao Dancing – you can witness some of Laos' traditional dances at special events or festivals, or even just in random places to celebrate daily life. These dances include the Bamboo Dance and Lam Vong, and are a fun and interesting part of Laotian culture.

Other activities include:

  • Visit the National Museum of Laos
  • The Blue Pools
  • Elephant Cave
  • Climb Mount Phousi
  • Wat Si Muang
  • Luang Namtha Jungle
  • Nong Khiaw Adventure Tour
  • Utopia Bar
  • Kuang Si Falls
  • Golden Buddha
  • Bokeo Gibbon Experience

As you can see there really is no shortage of things to do. If you find yourself spoiled for choice and can't make your mind up, any Laos leading hotel will provide an excellent concierge service where they can offer recommendations on the type of excursions and activities that best suit you and your desires.
If you like what you hear then booking a Laos hotel with 5-stars is easy – or perhaps a more boutique accommodation is your preference. Whatever the case, we have plenty of hotel deals in Laos that will suit all tastes and budget requirements.