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Rabat, Morocco's capital, boasts a spectacular coastline on the Atlantic Ocean shores. It is a slice of heaven with unspoiled beaches, azure-coloured waters, breathtaking vistas, and old ruins to discover. Rabat is a first-class tourist destination due to its comfortable temperature all year and its historically rich cultural city whose streets and squares are adorned with several masterpieces.


How to get to Rabat

Morocco's main airport is in Casablanca, although there is also one in Rabat. Domestic flights or limited flights from Europe are available to Rabat, however you will most likely arrive in Rabat by land – train, bus, or automobile, according to your preference, with the train being the most convenient choice. There are three railway stations in Casablanca from which you may go to Rabat Ville, the city's primary train station: Casa Oasis, Casa Voyageur, and Casa Port.

Architecture of Rabat

Rabat is one of the few cities in Morocco that has managed to keep its historical and cultural legacy intact. A set of sites in Rabat's city centre has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List as cultural treasures. It also has a contemporary design, since the new city was created by a group of architects, urban planners, and landscapers who are creating the foundation for a new urbanism. As a result, Rabat now boasts a high-quality urban and landscape design in its city centre.

Must-see attractions in Rabat

The capital city of Morocco makes a great holiday destination for any time of the year. Let's explore some of the top must-see attractions in Rabat.

Hassan Tower

The unfinished Hassan Tower, which resides inside the landscaped gardens of Jardin Tour Hassan, was built by the Almohads and would have been the tower for Ruler Yaqub al-Mansur's idea of a grand mosque on this site that was supposed to be one of the world's largest. At first glance, it looks like this skyscraper has collapsed and split in half. The tower's front is covered in intricately carved patterns and decorations, and the open and interesting surroundings speak to the sumptuousness of what al-Mansur had in mind.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

A lovely tomb of King Mohammed V and his two sons is located just across from the Hassan Tower. Everyone is welcome to visit the grave. Inside the basic white structure, the gold-leaf ceiling and beautiful embellishments will captivate visitors. The magnificent burial chamber is a stunning example of Moroccan traditional style, with zellige tile work adorning the walls around the large marble tomb.

Kasbah des Oudayas

Kasbah des Oudayas, located in Rabat's oldest district, is the city's original location, with beautiful rivers and ocean vistas. It is now mostly a residential area, and it is a tranquil and lovely spot to stroll along the small, white-washed streets, some of which are painted a bright blue. To gain an insight into historical life in Rabat, enter via the city's ancient great entryway and tour the city's delicate and flavourful streets.


Chellah, a mediaeval walled city buried in the heart of Rabat, is the ruins of a pre-Islamic city abandoned and later rebuilt. It is a wonderful area with a lot of history and charm. Colourful, meticulously kept flora and fauna, as well as public paths, are intermingled with abandoned structures and overgrown vegetation. The crumbling remnants of the mosques and mausoleums they constructed here are now overgrown with sprawling brambles, giving storks nesting spots. A forum, bath, and temple have been unearthed in the Roman section of the site. An overhanging terrace offers fantastic views across the site for a good perspective of the entire Chellah ruins.

Royal Palace of Rabat

The Royal Palace of Rabat is an architectural structure enclosed by a guarded perimeter, constructed on the ruins of the ancient royal palace. It contains the government's seat, as well as a mosque, guard barracks, a royal college, a minor racetrack and several ministry buildings. The structures are all capped with saddleback roofs of green tiles, constructed in the style of a classic city residence, and are centred on huge, colourful gardens and inner courtyards.

Corniche Bouregreg

Corniche Bouregreg, which is located at the mouth of the wadi and underneath the famed Kasbah des Oudayas, has become an important destination for inhabitants and visitors due to its panoramic location. Every day, thousands of visitors go to the Bouregreg Wadi and the sea to hike, swim, or engage in watersports and fishing. The corniche is also used to traverse the Wadi on river transport boats, allowing Rabat and Salé to be connected.

Top things to do in Rabat

Rabat is an incredible city to explore! It is buzzing with life, culture and many popular attractions to see and visit. That being said, with all these top things to do in Rabat, it can be hard to prioritise just a few on your first visit.

Rabat Zoo

Rabat Zoo enables visitors to experience all of the world's continents in a recreated mountain, desert, savannah, and rainforest settings. Visitors can see more than 130 animal species. This vast zoo with a warm and relaxed ambience has everything from giraffes to reptiles. It is a stunning treasure in the heart of a big city, and an activity that will keep you busy for at least half a day.

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Artis one of Rabat's main attractions for anybody interested in Morocco's modern art movement. The permanent collection, situated in an excellently rebuilt structure going back to the French colonial era, is tiny but contains artworks by practically all of the country's leading artists from the mid-20th century to the present. A program of temporary exhibits involving both local and international artists is also available. A visit here is a nice contrast to seeing the traditional artisan work for which Morocco is well-known, and it illustrates the country's historical creative manifestations from a contemporary perspective.

Villa des Arts

Villa des Arts is a magnificently restored, blindingly white art deco home, which dates from 1929. It currently hosts carefully curated contemporary art exhibits, as well as cultural activities, with an emphasis on Moroccan artists, culture, and legacy. If you would like to take a break from touring, the garden café in Villa des Arts is the ideal spot.

Royal Golf Dar Essalam

Royal Golf Dar Essalam course in Rabat is a masterpiece of its sort, situated in the centre of a cork oak forest. It has long been regarded as a golfing legend, as it is the site of the famous Hassan II Trophy. It is a one-of-a-kind experience where colours and fragrances collide across 440 hectares of trees, flowers, water, and courses admired by genuine connoisseurs. The fairways flow amid eucalyptus, palm trees, hyacinths, daffodils, mimosas, papyrus, and Roman columns on this magnificent course.

Beaches in Rabat

The Moroccan capital, which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, doubles the opportunity to rest on the warm beach and provides a variety of maritime sports. The entire coastline has been created to provide you with a unique experience. The beaches vary and differ from one another all along the coast. Their exquisite golden sand, as well as the rising and receding tides, will refresh and calm you. Most of the beaches in Rabat boast plenty of surfing spots. Kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, and horseback riding are among the various recreational activities available on the beaches of Rabat. Whether you prefer private or public beaches, sunbathing or sports, the Rabat coast will satisfy all of your seaside desires!

Top gardens in Rabat

Rabat has some of the most beautiful and lush gardens in the country, thanks to the temperate Mediterranean climate that keeps the city relatively mild all year. Rabat is spoilt with an abundance of beautiful gardens to visit.

Andalusian Gardens

The Andalusian Gardens are a must-see in Rabat, as is the Palace Museum, which houses intriguing displays exhibiting Moroccan art and culture. The lovely gardens, which were established by the French in the 20th century and feature traditional Andalusian flowers and shrubs, as well as orange, lemon, and banana trees, were created by the French. This serene sanctuary provides a refreshing and calming refuge away from the masses, allowing guests to stroll and observe nature.

Les Jardins Exotiques de Bouknadel

Les Jardins Exotiques de Bouknadel, located 20 kilometres from Rabat, is a botanical park dedicated to plants from all over the globe. It houses a variety of exotic plants from throughout the world. It is one of Morocco's most beautiful gardens, and you should absolutely go there and let yourself get taken away by its wonderful and strange flora. The gardens are home to a variety of civilizations and offer visitors the opportunity to learn about reptiles' secret lives, unusual behaviours, and the diversity of their species as they are shown in surroundings similar to their natural habitat.

Jardin D'essais

Jardin D'essais, which translates to Botanical Test Garden, is a tranquil, scenic botanical garden with a diverse collection of tropical and desert flora. It is home to a portion of our planet's biodiversity, exhibiting the endless richness of the plant world to visitors and serving as a site of discovery and introduction to nature. There are around 650 decorative and fruit species from all over the world. A scientific study program on the exploitation of exotic plants is housed in the garden, as well as a Moorish palace with Arab-Andalusian architecture and a permanent museum focusing on water and light.

Explore the Medina of Rabat

Rabat had just the modest medina when the French arrived and extended the city, building new districts. Most of the houses in Rabat's meandering medina area date from the 17th century, when Muslims from Spain's Andalusia region arrived. This sets it apart from Fes and Marrakech's medinas. Keep a look out for the Grand Mosque on Rue Souka, as well as a Merenid-built fountain nearby, when wandering about the region. There are several classic stores and cafés to visit and discover in Rabat's medina. Rabat's medina is a joy to roam around in since it is hassle-free.

What to eat and drink in Rabat

The ingredients utilised in dishes are a crucial component of Moroccan cuisine. Morocco produces Mediterranean fruits and vegetables that are used in the preparation of different Moroccan recipes. Taste the Moroccan cuisine at some our top restaurants such as the Al Warda, Golden Fish, and El Patio located at the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses, as well as Kangourou Grill at Hôtel Mercure Rabat Sheherazade.

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