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What to do in Hoi An, Central Vietnam | Discover Local

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hanoi, where picturesque lanterns line narrow streets flanked with well-preserved shophouses, many of which have been turned into cafes and boutiques. Hinting at the ancient trading port’s heritage, the three goddesses honored at Phu Kien Assembly Hall all have to do with the sea. Explore the town on foot or in a cyclo, and walk past one of the most iconic structures in Hoi An – the Japanese Covered Bridge. Do you know why there’s a statue of a monkey on one side, and one of a dog on the other? When the sun sets, set a candle-lit lantern afloat on the waterways and make a wish to return again. If you have time to spare, the nearby Hindu temple ruins of My Son are also well worth a visit to experience another World Heritage site.

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