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Experience the magic of Bagan

The Union of Myanmar (formerly known as the Union of Burma until 1989) is a little known nation which, at its core, is filled with pure optimism and irrefutable natural beauty. One large part of its appeal lies in the nations infectious sense of spirituality – you will discover this as you explore the largest collection of Buddhist temples in the world, and the selfless devotees that worship in them. After decades of international isolation (due to suffering the world's longest civil war spanning 70-years), this stunning Southeast Asian nation boasts a strong and vibrant Buddhist culture and a seemingly endless expanse of pristine forests relatively untouched by the modern world. For the adventurous spirit who longs for witnessing unparalleled beauty off the beaten path, discover the faded grandeur of ancient Burma's historic palaces, explore abandoned temples, and trek through remote hilltribe villages; Myanmar truly is an intriguing and historically rich country.

Venture beyond

The temples in Bagan truly are a sight to behold. You will finally understand the meaning of tranquillity as you watch flocks of colourful birds glide peacefully over ancient stupas made of sand and the dusty fields that glow during golden hour. There are thousands of glorious pagodas that rest in Bagan, dotting the skyline as hot air balloons float overhead. You will witness many storybook scenes like this is the magical wonder that is Myanmar.

What is there to do in Myanmar?

There are countless ancient temples of gold and white and everything in between that exist around each and every turn in Myanmar. Marvel at the perfect symmetry and flowing lines of the Manalay's stunning Hsinbyume pagoda or lay eyes upon the oldest pagoda in the entire world in Yangon – if you've always yearned to take a step back in time, Myanmar is the place to be.

Here are some of the top sights to see and explore as you travel through Myanmar:* Shwedagon Pagoda* Shwenandaw Monastery* Bagan Temples* Ayeyarwady River* Mandalay Hill* Mahamuni Pagoda* Kuthodaw Pagoda & the World's Largest Book* Shwe Oo Min Pagoda* Ngapali Beach* Inle Lake* Ananda Temple* Tafook island* Indein Village* Sadan Cave* Uppatasanti Pagoda* Ngapali Elephants Sanctuary* Kakku Pagodas* 20 Lane Highway* Mandalay Marionettes Theatre* Mandalay Palace* Defence Services Museum* Mount Popa* Jade Market* National Kandawgyi Botanical GardensMuch of what Myanmar has to offer is in the form of natural beauty, ancient temples, and historical landmarks. Certainly, there are some incredible beaches and tropical islands to explore, and some of the best luxury hotels in Myanmar will provide you will all of the amenities that one could need - however, Myanmar is very much a holiday spot for sightseeing and adventure. You may be concerned as to whether it is safe to holiday in Myanmar and we would like to set your mind at ease. While there has been much unrest in the nation, tourism is largely separate from this. Hotels in Myanmar are located in safe-to-travel zones and your hotel will provide you with all of the information that you need to stay safe and comfortable during your stay. If you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to see, the best hotels in Myanmar will provide a concierge service and advise you accordingly on the very best locations that suit your tastes and indeed, are safe to explore. Would you like to visit this mystical nation? If so then you can choose from the top 10 hotels in Myanmar with us. Alternatively, if you want a city lake view hotel in Myanmar, or perhaps some Myanmar family hotels that are more appropriate for accommodating children, we have something to suit all budgets and requirements.