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Israel has so much to offer. Visit the fascinating Old City of Jerusalem on foot from our centrally located hotels. Or enjoy the liveliness of Tel Aviv’s splendid beaches during your stay in a historic 5 star hotel. The shores of the magnificent Dead Sea and spellbinding desert landscapes are just a short journey from these two wonderful cities. Our hotels are among the nicest in Israel – they await you for an enthralling stay in a unique land.

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Jerusalem's wealth of heritage makes it the indispensable destination for any traveller in search of a compelling cultural break. Admire the golden cupola of the Dome of the Rock from the Temple Mount esplanade and share your hopes through prayers at the foot of the Wailing Wall. Plunge into the intriguing maze of old alleys by following the Via Dolorosa up to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then, on the Mount of Olives, trace the past back to the origins of the world's Abrahamic religions. Jerusalem is an unmissable stopover during any stay in Israel – there you'll you find, quite simply, the country's most remarkable sites.

Tel Aviv

Unlike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – the country's biggest city – is relatively modern. But its architecture is nonetheless fascinating and includes many Bauhaus constructions. Tel Aviv's wide range of museums, galleries, bars, cafés and restaurants reflects this melting pot's distinctive energy and pioneering spirit. With its kilometres of golden beaches stretching beneath the warm Israeli sun, Tel Aviv is also an excellent choice of destination for a relaxing seaside holiday. Neve Tzedek is doubtless the neighbourhood that best embodies Tel Aviv's soul as it brings together all the characteristics that make the city so charming. Follow in the footsteps of the King of Jordan, of Israel's first ruler and of Albert Einstein by booking a room or luxury suite in Tel Aviv's oldest hotel. The property has been splendidly renovated yet has kept all its authentic character. This historic boutique hotel includes a wellness area with a spa and fitness centre, a gourmet restaurant and a panoramic rooftop with a bar and swimming pool.

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