The Islands of Tahiti is one of those iconic holiday vacation destinations on everyone's bucket list, and we are very proud to present three of the best resort hotels in French Polynesia, all a short flight from the main island of Tahiti. The largest of the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti is the pride of the South Pacific. Known as the ‘Queen of the Pacific’, seaside holidays don’t come any better than a visit to this tropical paradise. Crowned by a circle of majestic peaks, Tahiti’s rich allure is enough to seduce even the most discerning of travellers. Tahiti’s breathtaking natural beauty simply has to be seen to be believed. Its magnificent mountainous interior comprises of deep green valleys and rainforests, waterfalls cascading into cool rivers and streams leading to flat coastal land with fields of taro and flowers. Explore this amazing countryside with a guided nature hike or safari tour, discover the azure waters by surfing or sailing, or simply relax by the beach. Papeete, the enchanting capital city and gateway to Tahiti, boasts world-class resorts, spas, fine restaurants, nightclubs, and endless shopping at the vibrant markets, pearl shops, and boutiques. Other highlights on the Tahiti’s cultural calendar include the July HEIVA competition and the Billabong Pro Surf Contest in Teahupoo in August.