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Just one hour from Melbourne via air, Hobart is Tasmania’s colourful and cultural capital. An intriguing blend of heritage and lifestyle, scenery and vibrancy, Hobart is Tasmania’s epicentre. Shaped and defined by a harbour, river and a majestic mountain, Hobart is one of the world’s most picturesque cities. Whether it’s the panoramic views from Mt Nelson Signal Station, the spectacular nature trails of Mt Wellington or a scenic river cruise to Peppermint Bay, Hobart’s beauty is sure to leave you breathless. The second oldest capital city in Australia, Hobart’s 19th century convict heritage is woven into the fabric of the modern day. Sandstone cottages and warehouses, grand homes and public buildings and heritage parks and gardens reflect the city’s rich history. However, Hobart’s chic restaurants, pubs, bustling markets, festivals and endless entertainment precincts keep the city young at heart.