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Travelling alone can be life-changing, helping you get in touch with yourself and develop confidence as you explore new territories without the constant company of a friend or partner. Whether you choose a far-flung destination or discover a new European gem, the opportunities are endless when it comes to solo travel; remember, you only need to please yourself! Keep it simple and head over to Berlin for a deep-dive into cool German culture, or take yourself further afield for a longer trip to Indonesia, Cuba, or Japan. We have Accor hotels around the world, which means you can book with confidence and be assured of a friendly face when you arrive.


Choose Cuba and expect sea, salsa, and plenty of sunshine. In the northern Caribbean, Cuba is an ideal choice for solo travellers who are looking to escape their day-to-day. Hang out in Havana and explore all the city has to offer, join a group tour and h



Indonesia is a perfect choice for solo travel. With backpackers passing through the country year after year and plenty of travellers choosing to settle there, you never know who you might meet! Boasting beautiful landscape, colourful culture, and truly we



A choice destination for solo travel in Europe, ultra-cool Berlin is bursting with things to see and do no company required. Explore some of the city’s galleries and museums, eat in trendy yet fuss-free spots, and enjoy brilliant cinema or live music by n