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Birthed from a desire to see man and nature co-existing harmoniously in our life-time, and grown with a passion to conserve our natural environment, Mantis gives the world exceptional hotels and eco-escapes in far-flung destinations that stir the soul and revive the mind. Each Mantis experience is developed with the utmost respect of its surroundings and aspires to be an authentic celebration of the location, community, and culture that surrounds it. Each distinct offering from Mantis is rare and seeks to bring to life the character and spirit of its location.

With Over 20 years of experience in development, hospitality management and marketing, the Mantis brand has become synonymous with quality and excellence.
Whether vast and complex or small and intimate; most Mantis destinations are off the beaten path, in cultural corners and conservation meccas. Nurturing today for tomorrow, we can transport our guests from hot air ballooning over the African savannah or to a palatial coastal bungalow.

We believe our group’s growth and respectability in the market place has been founded on our acknowledgement and respect of the environment, hence the acronym for Mantis:
Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable.

We are born of Africa.

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