Level up your business Miles to get free stays with your loved ones!

You have collected airline miles or frequent flyer points with our partners?

Convert them into Reward points before 31st May and benefit from an additional 30% bonus Reward points.

Benefitting is easy!  Go to your partner account by clicking on one of the below blocks.

Then redeem your Reward points to pay for part of your stay: 2,000 Reward points = €40 off at the hotel.


Qatar Airways

4,500 Avios = 1,300 Reward points (instead of the regular 1,000)

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3,500 Finnair Plus points = 650 Reward points (instead of the regular 500)

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2,000 Miles+Bonus miles = 650 Reward points (instead of the regular 500)

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ITA Airways

4,000 Volare points = 1,300 Reward points (instead of the regular 1,000)

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Extime Rewards
The new loyalty program of Paris Aéroport.

400 Extime points = 520 Reward points (instead of the regular 400)

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The general terms and conditions of the ALL - Accor Live Limitless loyalty programme apply to the Offer, and you must be an ALL - Accor Live Limitless member to be eligible for it.
This offer allows members from ALL, regardless of their membership status and their country of residence, to earn a bonus of 30% on Reward points by converting their points from the participating partners' loyalty programme into their account ALL – Accor Live Limitless account.
To enjoy this offer, members must: 
1. Transfer points from participating partners into ALL from 00:00 am CET on May 10th, 2023, to 23:59 pm CET on May 31st, 2023.
Participating loyalty programs:
a. Aegean Airlines - Olympic Air
b. ITA Airways - Volare
c. Finnair - Finnair Plus
d.  Aéroport de Paris - Extime Rewards
e. Qatar Airways Privilege Club
2. Members must be previously registered as a member of the ALL-loyalty program and partner loyalty program to participate in this promotion.
3. Members can only transfer points to ALL – Accor Live Limitless account held in their own name.
4. A single partner loyalty account cannot be associated to several ALL accounts. 
5. A single ALL account can be associated to different partner loyalty programmes' accounts held in the members' own name. Example: The ALL account of member X can be associated to member X's Finnair Plus account and Volare account.
6. Members are not authorized to convert their partner loyalty programme points into Reward points on behalf of another individual.
7. Once the transfer is initiated, it cannot be reversed.
8. You will receive the bonus Reward points within 6 weeks once you make the base transaction successfully.
9. This offer is subject to ALL -Accor Live Limitless loyalty program and each partners' General Terms and Conditions.
10. Please specify the reference” PARTNERSHIP SUMMER BONUS” all your communications with call centers or customer support services in relation to this offer.