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  • Park Astérix a 5-minute drive and 10km from Villepinte exhibition complex

  • Team available 24/7.

  • 24 Cabrio rooms with shower and WC

  • Breakfast tray in accordance with the health protocol

  • Non-smoking hotel, Wi-Fi and free parking

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HotelF1 St Witz A1 Paris Nord (renovated)

Rue Jean Moulin

GPS:49.088863, 2.55394

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  • Parkir
  • Menerima hewan
  • Dapat diakses kursi roda
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sarapan
  • Properti 100% Bebas Rokok


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Ulasan tamu kami

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Peringkat ALL  3.5/5  665 ulasan

Peringkat TripAdvisor  2.5/5  65 ulasan

A Living Nightmare

Catatan Tripadvisor 1.0/5

Jimmy_MiIIer Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

We have been staying at Hotel F1 branches across France for over a decade. These are usually the cheapest and most convenient options, as we are familiar with this hotel branch. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the receptionist who booked us into our rooms. Upon entering the first room, there were no significant issues, although the door had marks all over it, the bathroom door had large dents everywhere and it was smelly. When entering the second room, there was also a weird smell coming from it. There were the 3 beds, which we had to make ourselves. Furthermore, we realised that the beds had traces of urine/sweat. On the top bed, we found a cockroach and the surroundings were so filthy that we didn't want to look underneath the mattress. On the floor, we also came across an old and filthy duvet, which clearly should not have been placed in this hotel. When we removed it, insects came flooding out of it! By then, we came out of the room to complain. The receptionist was very understanding and came to check the room and acknowledged these issues. We asked for a full refund, as we couldn't stay, although he gave us the option to switch rooms. We declined the rooms, as my son with Autism started feeling uncomfortable, and refused to stay any longer. The receptionist requested that we would come back the following day, in order to get a refund from the manager who would be able to do it. Meanwhile, my son broke down into tears and was shaking. We had to check into another hotel, which was across the road and had nothing to reproach. Despite this, and the reassurance from the manageress of the new hotel, my son refused to sleep in the hotel and spent 3 nights in the car. To this day, he refuses to sleep in any hotel and has a fear of sleeping in his own bed and changes his own bedsheets twice a week! This situation had a very negative impact on our lives. Furthermore, despite sending emails to Hotel F1 since August, this concluded in a partial refund of the affected room, which was decided by the management team of Hotel F1. To this day, we are still waiting for the partial refund, as we had no choice in this matter. We are still awaiting a reply, to our last email. We have now contacted UFC-Que Choisir and Julien Courbet. We will be taking legal action for not only the filth in the hotel, but also the impact it has had on our son's life, and ourselves as they have not done anything about the refund for the past 2 months+. We are extremely disappointed with the way that they have dealt with this situation which is unacceptable and we feel that it is on their own terms.


Catatan Tripadvisor 4.0/5

johnn02 Bisnis - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Not bad for it's price. Special interior design, ineresting bed positioning, good service. Cold wather, but dat's beacause the shower is new and not calibrated yet, maybe. It's a bit difficult to arrive here without car, I could'nt found some public transport arround.


Catatan Tripadvisor 1.0/5

alexsonmartins Couples - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

I visit this hotel on 13 of August 2017 I use the hotel because is near the motorway way to uk . I have use hotels all around the world and use F1 hotels before too 1 - first We book the hotel on trip advisor Very secure and only tooked the card to secure the room 2- the arrived at hotel We arrived at hotel around 22:00 and the attendant was a PORTUGUES woman She was very ( polite ) 3 - the computer was down not working She we arrive the PORTUGUESE woman tould us that the hotel computer was broken and the system was not working to pay card and she could not see it any reservation She advised us to go to train station just near by , according to her was only 5 minutes drive . But was 10 minutes and I say that to her We want to the cash machine at train station and ofcourse take the money and pay cash ! But we could not get invoice as the computer was down and she again say not to worries as she will sort it . We trust this attendant ( PORTUGUESE ) and went to sleep and next day we travel home After a day we log in to hour account to see it that we have being also charged in the card on our bank I contact the hotel and the ask for invoice I explain them that we dint have the invoice because the computer was down and the say that they take very serious all complain and will pass to management of the hotel After one week we still not have any contact from the hotel or any one . Is disgraceful that someone robbed us this way and the hotel don't do noting about it Please all be advised ... Do not stay at this place .i have the picture of the key number to probe I was there .


Catatan Tripadvisor 1.0/5

TatayNUmber1 Keluarga - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Used to be, we'd not mind going extreme budget mode when on quick stopovers. Other F1 branches are decent enough places with friendly staff, this one,NO. No towels, no soap or shampoo, no air conditioner, (well, ok, you'd have to pay for them if you really want them) , tainted carpeting, dirty corners and broken appliances. Customers are shocked when they first learn of what they've bought, so their first reaction is to complain, making the receptionists defensive and unhelpful. This is just one bad business case. There's cheap, and then there's seedy, and finally there's F1. Not coming back to any other F1s in the future.

Back to the 1960's

Catatan Tripadvisor 1.0/5

mrbrownbear Couples - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Seemed a good idea to dash over to Stade de France to see Cold Play on 16 July, drive a few minutes up the A1, stay a few hours and dash back to Calais for the 07.30 tunnel, booked F1 which I remember was OK for a nights stay, however what has happened to the investment in this happy acceptable brand over the years, reception still open on arrival at 12.30, cheerful greeting and given the code to our room (or cell), basic to say the least, I don't remember there being no loo or towels in the rooms, F1 could have offered or asked at checking in, do you need towels or soap Sir, there were four cubicle WC's along the corridor similar to chemical loo's with no seats, lighting was on PIR and did not work, no toilet paper, sitting in the dark, what a finish to a mad and fantastic evening, please do not go anywhere near this brand with your family, left at 04.45 and back in the UK at 07.30

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