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Interesting facts about Liège

Is Liège still not on your bucket list? Read on to find out why it should be! Situated close to the Dutch border, Liège has over 200,000 residents, 23 churches and more than 20 museums, and with French as the main language, you will really feel like you are abroad. Liège is also known for its great food, locally brewed beer and its Liège waffles – what more could you want?

Liège Guillemins
Stationshal Liège Guillemins

Liège Guillemins Train Station

The best way to visit the city is by train. It’s only a half-hour trip from Maastricht. Disembark at Liège-Guillemins station, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The station, was built in 2009, is a fantastic work of art by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The elegant, rounded shape, made entirely of steel, concrete and glass, will take your breath away.
Montagne de Bueren
The stairs of Montagne de Bueren

Montagne de Bueren

From the station, take the public transport to the centre to tour the heart of the city on foot. Wander around the bustling Place du Marché, stroll through the Le Carré district and don’t forget to visit Rue Souverain Port – a shopping street full of boutiques and brocante shops selling vintage and antique goods. Next, head down the Impasse de la Couronne, one of Liège’s many dead-end streets with beautiful timbered houses, and climb the 374 steps of the Montagne de Bueren, from where you have a magnificent view of the entire city. Before going back down, walk a little further to the war memorial. This is the largest monument to the fallen of the First World War in Belgium.

Liège meatballs

Near the war memorial you will find the most famous brasserie in Liège: Brasserie C. Here, you will also find La Curtius, the only brewery where real Liège beer is still brewed. And while you’re here, try Liege’s most famous dish: Liège meatballs. These meatballs are cooked in a thick sauce of Liège syrup, onions and brown beer and served with chips and of course, beer. For dessert, try a Liège waffle, which has a distinct oval shape and contains sugar crystals.
Fresh from the tap

For the beer lovers

Beer plays an important role throughout Belgium, and it’s no different in Liège. You should definitely visit Beerlovers, located at Rue de Violette 9. Here, you can taste more than 250 different types of beer from both barrel and bottle, and there are more than 750 different types of beer for sale. As it is almost impossible to choose the best beer for you on the spot, you can download an app on your phone that helps you make your selection in advance. The app is called Beerlovers Duel and answers the question: qu'est-ce qu’on boit comme bière?

A visit to the Liège market is a must

On Sundays, there is a market in Liège and the Liège Market is not just any market. From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., on the quayside along the River Meuse, over five hundred stalls are set up, offering a wide variety of products. Stroll around the Liège Market and discover everything from antiques to books. This Sunday market is both the largest and the oldest market in all of Belgium. A visit to the Liège Market will make your holiday complete!  
So, you don't want to go too far away on holiday, but you do want to get away from it all? Then book your hotel in Liège now and discover this great city by means of these fun activities.

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