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The Most Relaxing Experiences in the UK

No Matter Where In The UK You Are, Stay With Accor Hotels

Whether you’re looking to take a break from business, to treat a loved one for a special occasion, or you’re turning your attention towards your own wellbeing, a day or two’s relaxation is certainly never a waste of time. Though far-flung trips to the continent and beyond are undoubtedly relaxing, there are plenty of UK experiences that are just as rewarding. Whether you’re taking the scenic route by car or you’re sinking into a snooze-inducing first-class train seat, allow yourself to be taken on a voyage of tranquillity, less than half a world away. These UK experiences are guaranteed to leave you feeling wonderful.


There are plenty of wonderful ways to unwind in Bath. Whether you enjoy an extra-long afternoon tea banquet, a picture-perfect stroll around Bath Abbey, or a sweet escape at the Thermae Spa, you’re sure to return home feeling refreshed.
While you’re in Bath, soak in the atmosphere and explore the naturally warm waters of the Roman Baths – one of the most impressive historic sites in Northern Europe. Situated in the beating heart of beautiful Bath, the Roman Baths provide the perfect setting for visitors to completely unwind ahead of a weekend break in the city.
Explore the Roman Baths themselves, and consider the number of historic visitors who’ve said goodbye to their troubles in the peaceful water. A short visit will elevate your own spa experience, so make sure you see the site before you sink into the city’s thermal waters for yourself.  
If your relaxing break has taken you to Bath, book your stay in our elegant MGallery hotel near Roman Baths. The best of the city is within walking distance so you can stroll from park to museum, from café to restaurant, no problem.

In Sheffield

Chatsworth House is one of the most spectacular stately homes in England, and is open to visitors year-round. Whether you visit the home itself, or simply take a stroll around the impressive grounds, a day here promises to be as engaging as it is relaxing. Create your own adventure.  
We recommend you take an hour to admire antiquities and modern art inside, then step out into the bountiful gardens. Walk around the large lake or sit beside the serene trickling water feature – there’s plenty of space at Chatsworth House, so you can escape the crowds and enjoy a slice of the land without disturbance.

In West Yorkshire

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, or YSP, is an impressive open-air sculpture gallery in West Yorkshire. British and international artists are celebrated for their spectacular works, with pieces by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth at centre stage. 
With a selection of year-round and temporary exhibitions to explore, YSP is an attraction that will have you coming back time and time again. Stroll around the expanse of beautifully cared for parkland, visit the vast lake, get lost among wildflowers in the woodland, or enjoy a peaceful picnic on the grass. While the park is a popular attraction, with so much space to roam, you’ll find yourselves pleasantly secluded if you choose to move away from the main path. 
Here are just a few excellent ways to unwind in the UK, though everyone has a different idea of the perfect way to relax. Whatever way you occupy your relaxing UK break, elevate your experience with a stay in a Sofitel or MGallery hotel nearby and let us ensure you’re comfortable from start to finish. 

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