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Züri Geschnetzlets has always fascinated me because of the mere fact that when you order it in a good restaurant in Switzerland you normally get 2 plates of it. It is the one dish I love so much that I will eat both plates. It really reminds me of Zurich and romantic dinners out.

Yvonne - Funky Forty

Hi! I’m Yvonne, based in Zurich, and creative director of www.funkyforty.com - an online magazine. With a love for Fashion, Travel, Shopping and Food. 
A great believer that chocolate will cure almost anything!   
Daughter of a Swiss Baker, good food has always played a huge role in my life!


For 4 people
Preparation and cooking approx. 40 mins
 • 600g Veal
 • 2 tbsp Flour
 • 400g Mushrooms
 • 1dl White Wine
 • 2dl Veal Bouillon
 • 1.5dl Cream
 • 1 tbsp Corn-flour
 • Salt & Pepper to taste
 • 1 tbsp Favourite Herbs such as Thyme and Rosemary
 • Secret ingredient (1 – 2 squares of Swiss Chocolate)
 • Good Olive oil for frying
 • 500g cooked and peeled Potatoes


Preheat oven to 50 – 60°
1. Lightly coat veal wit flour
2. Heat frying pan on high and add a little olive oil. Then fry meat in small batches quickly but ensuring it browns.
3. Set meat aside.
4. Clean out pan.
5. Peal and slice mushrooms.
6. Add oil to pan and fry mushrooms over medium heat until well cooked – be careful not to use too much oil or heat the pan too hot.
7. Add salt and pepper to taste.
8. Once cooked add wine and then bouillon to the mushrooms keeping heat medium – mixture may boil a little.
9. Add corn-flour to the cream, stirring well and then add to mushroom mixture.
10. Add secret ingredient - chocolate
11. Once mixture has thickened add the meat and herbs and set aside in oven to keep warm.
12. Now grate potatoes.
13. Fry in olive oil over a medium heat in batches, creating mini potatoe cakes until crispy on each side.
14. See photo for presentation.

Local gastonomy

Apart from Züri Geschnetzlets, Swiss food has a lot to do with cheese. 
Anyone visiting Switzerland has to try a good cheese fondue or raclete  as well as Züri Geschnetzlets. 
However most importantly don’t forget to make time for a touch of chocolate discovery! 
For great restaurants to visit in Switzerland see www.funkyforty.com

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