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Your Liverpool Shopping Guide

Shopping tips from the pros

Some of Liverpool's best shopping secrets as told by the experts.

Jemma Morgan Blogger Sam Smethurst Blogger Stephi Blogger Pic

Jemma Morgan - Dork Face
Sam Smethurst - Little Fickle
Stephi LaReine - Stephi LaReine

Jemma Morgan is a multi-award-winning writer of the fabulously named Dork Face, a website devoted to art, illustration and lifestyle.

Sam Smethurst writes Little Fickle- a website dedicated to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and mental health.

Stephi LaReine is a fashion blogger that knows all the ins and outs of Liverpool's shopping hotspots. 

Liverpool has played a number of important roles in recent years; from an important hub for British industry to a beacon of art and culture. This identity as a practical, creative centre has been transposed into every facet of Liverpool life, which in turn has made shopping as unique and fruitful an experience as you can find anywhere. It isn’t difficult to find people singing praises about Liverpool’s great shopping, and we’ve managed to track down three experts willing to share their top tips for some of the best locations in the region.

Shirts on a rack in a vintage clothing shop

Vintage clothes shopping

Vintage shopping is bigger now than it’s ever been, with some shops now making the most of this trend and setting up stores that rival some chains for size so it’s no big surprise that Liverpool is home to some unmissable vintage stores. Both Stephi and Sam share a love for the store Resurrection in particular:
Stephi: “My go-to shop in Liverpool is nestled half way up Bold Street, Resurrection is the ultimate shop for all vintage fashion needs. It oozes effortless cool, and for a reasonable price you’ll walk out with a one of kind local designer piece.” 
Sam: “It’s perfect for all you label junkies, but also great for if you want a vintage one off piece (they even customise denim in there, so it’s well worth a look!) - it’ll take a bit of searching, but it’s definitely worth the time. Similarly, just before you reach the top of Bold Street you’ll find our famed Pop Boutique, with vintage dresses and Northern Rock bags galore.
For those who aren’t too faint of heart - Grand Central on Renshaw Street is also a good call; the shops are always changing, but check out Woodstock for some reasonably priced Doc Martens, and find vintage clothes nestled in with retro games, record stores and some great handmade jewelry."

Busy shopping centre

Liverpool's shopping centres

For big-name brands, Liverpool’s shopping centres are the places to go. The city lays claim to a number of larger shopping complexes, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than the Liverpool One Shopping Centre. The ultra-modern area features 169 shops, restaurants and assorted services, making it a fun day out whether you’re looking to entertain kids, or spend a day perusing some of the biggest high-street names in the country. 
The St Johns Shopping centre has been an important part of Liverpool’s shopping culture since it opened in 1969 and has since become a beacon for people looking for some of the latest products and fashions, with more than 25 clothing and accessory shops in the centre alone. 

A second hand vintage store

Quirky, independent stores

If you’re in the market for something one-of-a-kind, Liverpool does very well to cater for new talents and products not widely available on the market, allowing you pick up something that for whatever reason hasn’t made it to the high street. 
Stephi: “Going towards the bottom of Bold Street is REX, a conceptual store in which local brands can put their products into the public eye. I love the idea of a constantly refreshed catalogue of goodies. It’s the kind of place where I can pick up a beautiful dress, a rare vinyl, unique artwork and homemade candles in one visit. It’s a fascinating shop, where every trip is loaded with new trinkets to explore. Independent department stores are the future of Liverpool.”
Jemma: “One of my favourite shopping destinations in Liverpool is the fabulous 'Utility' found on Bold street, the heart of the independents. Utility has three stores around Liverpool, but Number 86 Bold street is my fave! There you can find beautiful gifts, greetings cards, stationery, kitsch collectables and much more! It's a must for anyone who loves quirky and cute.
And finally, I couldn't talk about Liverpool's great shopping destinations without mentioning Cass Art. Cass Art are my absolute first source of all my art materials and creative tools that I need as an Illustrator, and the store has everything I need all in one place. With bargains to be found all the time, and inspiration for any budding creative - I definitely recommend going to check them out!”

Second hand vinyl records in a store

Music shops in Liverpool

Liverpool has a number of excellent music shops sure to satisfy your musical needs whether you’re into the latest music straight from the charts or vintage vinyl. Many will agree Liverpool’s own Probe Records is the place to visit for rarities and independent music. 
Started during the heyday of the punk genre, the shop is a reminder of the way music shops used to be, with enough vinyl adorning the walls. For even more to choose from, you may want to try Dig Vinyl, Cult Vinyl, 3B Records and The Musical Box. Chances are if you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of those, you won’t find it anywhere!

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