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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with a Round-the-World Trip from North to South

Head off to enjoy sweet treats in all four corners of the globe!

Travelling involves all the senses. This season, why not explore some of the world's most fascinating cities whilst indulging a little on local confectionery?Macaroons, pralines, alfajores... Every content has its own typical treats, and it's only fair to try them all!

Macarons Paris

Try Authentic Macaroons in Paris

During your stay in Paris, the macaroon — arguably the world's most chic patisserie — is a must. Head for Rue Bonaparte in the sixth arrondissement to sample Pierre Hermé's creations. So, will it be chocolate and passionfruit or rose petal?Then take your seat on the banks of the River Seine to savour each bite. The magic of the almond-based biscuits kicks in, and being in Paris has never felt better, as you watch the pleasure boats sail past.
alfajor buenos aires

Enjoy an Alfajor in Buenos Aires

You've only just arrived in Buenos Aires and already the buzz of South America is making you want to see and do everything. First top up your energy levels with an alfajor.Thousands of varieties of this dulce de leche (caramel milk) filled biscuit are available. The alfajores of the Havanna brand are the most famous. Treat yourself to an assortment of dark chocolate, white chocolate and nuts at 1788 Armenia Street. The combination of flavours and textures is difficult to resist.
chocolats Genève

Feed Your Inner Chocoholic in Geneva

As you wander amongst the cobbled streets and medieval houses synoymous with Switzerland, you notice a familiar smell: chocolate. Between two mountain hikes and visits to Lake Geneva, you head out to try the thousand and one flavours offered by Geneva's chocolate shops.Start with the famous Martel artisan chocolatier on Rue de la Croix-d'Or. With the praline still melting in your mouth, compare the flavours with those of Favarger. With your box under your arm, succumb to temptation beside the iconic water fountain . . .
apfelstrudel vienne

Discover the Secrets of Apfelstrudel in Vienna

It's hard to resist the aroma of apple and cinnamon that's filling the vintage interior of Café Pruckel. Just a short walk from Stadtpark, one of the many green spaces in Austria's capital, discover the flavours of apfelstrudel, a rival for national dessert with the famous sachertorte (chocolate and apricot cake).Fresh cream cools the layers of warm flaky pastry and soft fruit. Where better than Vienna to enjoy a taste of traditional Austrian cuisine.

Sample a Praline Tart in Lyon

Lyon, famous for its history, culture, gastronomy and . . . pink praline tarts! The classic pastry tarts filled with a pink praline filling are enough to make anyone's mouth water.Why wait for afternoon tea: in Lyon, it's never too early to indulge! Follow your nose and let the sweet smells take you to the famous Boulangerie du Palais, the home of the pink praline tart. Then take an improvised picnic down to the banks of the Rhône or in Tête d'Or Park; a perfect way to end your stay in Lyon.
Kue Singapour

Succumb to Temptation with Singapore's Colourful Kue

At the crossroads of cultures, dive into Singapore and its wonderful melting pot of flavours. In the streets of the City State, the exotic aromas of the street food are making your stomach rumble. Suddenly, some bright colours catch your eye.Kue, traditional Asian snacks made from rice flour, are steamed or fried. Throughout your trip in Singapore, you won't be able to stop yourself from buying kue in the many food courts or in Chinatown. So, will it be coconut, palm sugar or tapioca?

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