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a Fitness Fanatic!
Fitness is the code that programs your mind and body to make positive changes to your overall health and wellbeing.
You are interested in new health revelations, learning more about nutrition, physical fitness, environmental awareness, and are continually updating yourself by reading & research. You seek plenty of outdoor adventure and new experiences amidst nature in new places, along with your tribe of family and friends.
If the above description fits you to a tee, then you must take a life-altering journey towards wholesomeness in a fantastic destination with Accor Hotels in the Middle East & Africa
Stay in one of our hotels in Cairo while keeping fit with the high-tech Technogym machines available in our Fitness Centre. Want a good dose of adventure? Take a full-day (nearly 10-hour) Atlas Ride to explore higher altitudes of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in Marrakech or enjoy a private workout in the comfort of your hotel room in Marrakech on a rainy day.

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