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Step into the bustling metropolis of Kuwait – a country that blends modernity with traditions. As one of the most touristic Gulf countries, Kuwait has a lot on offer for history enthusiasts who are keen to explore its cultural and historical side. In addition, there is an overwhelming abundance of things to do in Kuwait for fervent seekers of adventure and unique experiences.

Explore the gorgeous beaches in Kuwait

Kuwait’s natural landscape is diverse – with long stretches of golden sandy beaches, vast desert lands and a coastline bustling with urban life – yet in one accord. As a country privileged to be both a city and a beach destination, Kuwait ropes in crystal-clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs thriving in the island waters, and family friendly beaches to give travellers a beach retreat unlike any other. Some of the most popular Kuwait beaches, like Salmiya Beach, Messilah Beach and Al Oqeila Beach, offer an ideal location for a romantic picnic, fun activities for kids, water sports activities, great food and drink outlets, and plenty of opportunities for an adventurous underwater coral reef walkabout or even scuba diving.

Visit the iconic city attractions of Kuwait

Take a peek inside the iconic Kuwait Towers in Kuwait City, one of the most significant cultural and touristic landmarks of the country. Located in the Sharq district, the towers overlook the Kuwait Bay and are home to a lounge, a reception hall, a restaurant and cafés. A pleasurable way to spend time in Kuwait is to take a tour of the Kuwait Scientific Centre (KSC), home to one of the largest aquariums in the Gulf and a perfect place to learn more about the steps taken to protect and preserve the diverse ecosystem and the history of Kuwait. A popular Kuwait landmark is Seif Palace, the official residence of Kuwait’s royal family and one of the oldest architectural masterpieces of the country. Another major attraction that cannot be missed is the Grand Mosque Kuwait, one of the largest and most picturesque mosques in the Middle East.

Get a taste of Kuwait desert camping experience

Soak up the scenery of Kuwait’s golden deserts and spend the night under the stars on a rustic and peaceful camping getaway. Kuwait’s expansive desert landscape can be explored through an organized desert camping tour or desert safari where travellers can take on exciting rides through the sandy dunes; trek across the desert on camel back at sunset; experience Arabian hospitality with an array of local delicacies and drinks, enjoy Tanoura and belly dance shows, try on traditional Kuwaiti costumes, get a henna tattoo, or simply enjoy the comforts of the traditional tents, also called ‘Diwaniya’, and watch the sun go down. Photo ops here are endless!

Go shopping in Kuwait

As befits a metropolitan city, Kuwait offers a wide range of shopping experiences that suit all tastes and budgets. One of the most notable shopping destinations in Kuwait is Salmiya. From quaint local shopping complexes to gargantuan malls, the city of Salmiya has all the elements a great shopping destination ought to have. Some of the most popular malls here are the Avenues, Marina Mall, Sharq Mall, and Al Fanar Shopping Complex. For those looking for a traditional shopping experience, the Souk Al-Mubarakiya in the Al-Safat Complex in Salmiya has plenty of shops selling local goods such as souvenirs, spices, carpets, garments, antiquities, jewellery, frankincense, fruits and vegetables, and traditional food items. What’s more! There is plenty of room for easy bargaining.

Revisit Kuwait’s local culture and history

Brimming with local history and vibrant cultural sights from its past, Kuwait can easily spur any history buff and culture vulture. The Kuwait National Museum gives valuable insights into the history of the country. The al-Sabah collection of al-Athar al-Islamiyyah displays a comprehensive selection of Islamic artefacts that reflect the traditions of Bedouin-Arab culture. Some of the other popular attractions include: the maritime museum that illustrates the country’s maritime past through its unique exhibits; Al Qurain Martyrs Museum, where one can learn about the aftermath of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; Sadu House, a must-visit place to explore the region’s authentic Bedouin-style arts and crafts; and Failaka Island to discover the intriguing past of the Dilmun people and the Greeks.

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