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Hidden Gems and Cultural Spots in Fujairah

See and Do as the Locals Do!

Discover a rich tapestry of UAE’s heritage and history in Fujairah, a diverse place where exciting adventure and local hospitality blend together to offer many memorable experiences, awe-inspiring sights and unique attractions for first-time visitors.

Visit UAE’s second highest peak - Al Ain Madhab Gardens

Located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains in Fujairah, the Al Ain Madhab Gardens is a place to enjoy some quietude. With around 50 hectares of recreational complex that boasts pools of warm sulphuric water, a public park with a playground, the ruins of the Heritage Village and other remarkable old forts in its vicinity, Al Ain Madhab Gardens is not only a popular natural attraction, but also makes for an ideal relaxation spot for locals and tourists alike.

Tour the living history museum of Fujairah - Fujairah Heritage Village

A popular cultural spot in Fujairah is the Heritage Village, which is a living history museum that educates visitors about coastal life experiences through historic demonstrations of rural life in the region’s distant past. Located close to Fujairah Fort, the village has an array of kitchen utensils, farm tools, traditional fishing boats made from palm fronds and many other household tools and instruments used by the region’s earliest inhabitants, giving an insight into the traditional lifestyle of its locals.

Visit the oldest functioning mosque in the UAE - Al Bidiyah Mosque

A mosque that is almost unchanged since its construction lies on the mountainous coast of Al Bidiyah, a small village north of Fujairah. Al Bidiyah Mosque is the country’s oldest surviving place of worship and its architectural design dates back to 1446 AD. With no minaret and only four domes of unequal sizes supported by a central pillar, it is unlike the other well-known mosques in the region. The lookout post high above the mosque offers incredible views of the city, especially at night for some photo ops.

Revisit the local past at the Fujairah Museum

Located near the Fujairah International Airport, the Fujairah Museum provides a unique visitor experience of everyday life in the region’s past. The museum covers Fujairah’s historic past through an astounding collection of antiquities and artefacts, ranging from pre-Islamic artefacts to folkloric medicines, illustrating all aspects of the heritage and early environment in Fujairah. Watch out for a collection of 2,200-year-old Ostrich eggshells that were once used as bowls by the city’s earliest settlers.

Watch the ancient sport of Bull Butting at Fujairah Corniche

To get a good glimpse of traditional Bull butting contest in Fujairah, head over to the Fujairah corniche on Fridays at 4pm. It is one of the most watched ancient sports in the region and was introduced to the region, specifically to Fujairah, during the 16th & 17th century by Portuguese settlers. Today it is a favourite local pastime and a weekly event, where owners goad their raging bulls to lock horns and crowds gather to cheer them on.

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