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5 Beautiful Natural Wonders of Saudi Arabia You Must Visit

Saudi Arabia is home to a diverse range of mesmerizing landscapes and natural wonders that are worth exploring. If you’re planning to visit Saudi Arabia, here are the five most fascinating natural wonders the country has to offer:

Elephant Rock in Al Ula

Al Ula is one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest cities and is known for its splendid archeological monuments, such as the elephant rock. This gigantic rock, you should have guessed it by now, resembles the profile of an elephant. This monument might be the only elephant you can see in the Middle East, the site is also surrounded by magnificent red rocks that are worth exploring.

Farasan Islands

Farasan Islands, located in the southwestern coast of Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea, are home to millions of breathtaking marine life, vibrant ecosystems, and tropical beaches. This might be the best spot to grasp the country’s beauty from a different perspective, make sure not to miss out on this unique underwater trip and explore the islands’ colorful marine life and coral reefs.

The Edge of the world

Not so long ago this spot became one of the most visited sites in the rocky desert of northwest of Riyadh. There are several hiking trails on and around the cliffs, for you to grasp the full beauty of this spectacular natural wonder. You will also be able to explore a number of beautiful fossils and corals. The best time to visit would be during fall and winter when the sky is clear and the temperature’s perfect

Jabal Qarah

Jabal Qarah is famous for its natural caves and has become a major tourist attraction in the east of Saudi Arabia. Once you walk through these intricate caves you will instantly feel like you are a character from an Arabian Nights folktale. The caves’ passage is very easy and safe for the public to walk through. The caves are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can visit anytime during the year.

The Marbel Village

This majestic 400-year-old stone village built on top of a white marble hill is located 24 kilometers from Al-Baha city west of Saudi Arabia. This village is a treasure trove and is surrounded by lush vegetation which adds a unique touch to your journey up the hill.

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