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It’s known for its role in Robin Hood, but there’s much more to Nottingham than the legend alone. The Midlands gem boasts unique historical sites and modern amusements to keep you coming back time and time again.
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Exploring Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

The city sits at the heart of England, in a county called Nottinghamshire, which borders South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. Wondering how to get to Nottingham? It's easy, with excellent road, rail and air connections in and out. High-speed trains connect London to Nottingham in 1 hour 30 minutes. Cross Country Trains travel north to Aberdeen and south to Cornwall, and Northern Rail offers direct services from Sheffield, Leeds and Chesterfield. You could also arrive by car and find a hotel with parking. As a relatively compact city, there's no need to worry about getting around when you're here. Simply walk or hop on trams to explore during your stay.

The legend of Robin Hood

Nottingham is famous for its local hero, Robin Hood, the rebellious outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It's unclear whether the folklore icon stems from one person or is inspired by the many petty criminals in historical England. Robin's first known literary mention was in 1377. After that, he and his loyal friend Little John are mentioned in a few recorded tales. Robin Hood's adventures have been retold for centuries, loved for their timeless themes of kindness and friendship. Where better to discover the legend for yourself than in Nottingham? It's the home of the hero and his band of Merry Men!

Sherwood Forest

Folklore enthusiasts shouldn't miss Sherwood Forest. It's an integral part of the Robin Hood story, where the outlaw lived with his companions, hidden amongst the grand oak trees. This immense area of woodland and heathland stretches over 30 miles, serving as a royal hunting preserve in the 10th century. There are remnants of its past still visible today. Visit grand houses and park estates, which once would have been nestled among the forest, to see more historical Nottingham. Today, the Sherwood Forest is laced with waymarked paths and walking trails. It's an excellent place for a family adventure, with nods to Robin Hood adding to the excitement. Don't miss The Major Oak, the thousand-year-old hideout of Robin Hood and the most giant oak tree in Britain!

National Justice Museum

Learn about the evolution of the justice system when visiting the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. Explore objects and stories and chat to characters, see the courtroom and descend into the County Gaol, where Robin Hood was said to have been imprisoned.

Nottingham Castle

If you're looking for the top things to do in Nottingham, the castle is a great place to start. Nottingham Castle brings almost 1,000 years of history to life through stories, objects and unique settings. Towering over Nottingham, the city's castle has seen it all, from the Civil War, riots and revolts to Robin Hood's legendary adventures. Since it was first built in 1068, Nottingham Castle has been restored and regenerated many times. Today, visitors can explore the caves underneath, view state-of-the-art interactive exhibitions or take a guided tour of this must-see historical attraction. The castle also offers unbeatable views of the Nottingham rooftops below from its hilltop position.

Where to eat and drink in Nottingham

Whether you're planning a special occasion or looking ahead to a business trip, you won't be short of great dining options. The city is home to diverse restaurants, pubs and bars, with something around to suit every taste.

Casual and elegant restaurants

For a laid-back environment and excellent food and drinks, head to Jamcafé. This European-style café-bar serves delicious brunch, lunch and dinner, a perfect place to gather with friends or family. By night, live music and performances add to the charm. Or choose Junkyard for American diner classics and a relaxed vibe throughout the day. Book a table at Alchemilla for a memorable experience in their exposed-brick setting. The food here is modern British and always delicious. Hart's Kitchen is set in the Nottingham Castle ramparts, serving elegant British food and excellent wine.

The best bars in the city

Grab a quick pint or head out for the night; Nottingham has no shortage of great pubs and bars to explore when you visit. Try The Garage Chilwell, the Budapest-inspired spot occupying an old bus depot. Settle into a mismatched chair and enjoy the atmosphere and drinks selection. Or visit The Lost Caves, nestled underneath our Mercure Nottingham City Centre George Hotel. This unique bar is set in an underground cave, a perfect cosy spot for drinks you'll remember.

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