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Located east of Bali, Lombok offers a view of the old Indonesia. Secluded beaches, pristine countryside, and traditional thatched villages adorn the island paradise. The spectacular Mount Rinjano volcano, which at 3,726 feet is the second highest peak in Indonesia, is Lombok’s centerpiece landmark. Trekking at least part of the way up is easily organised and highly satisfying. To the south are the central plains, about 25 kilometres wide, which contain the most productive agricultural areas as well as the major road on the island linking the west and the east coasts. Attractive villages perched in the southern foothill of Rinjani are easily accessible from here, and many of the island's craft centres are also in or near this cross-island corridor. Beyond a range of low inland hills further south are the sweeping bays and pure white sands of the southern beaches. Here it is still possible to find remote villages, unspoiled coastline and amazing tropical fauna and flora.