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The top things to see and do in Hua Hin

When it comes to holidays in Southeast Asia there are few countries that can match Thailand's natural beauty, hospitality, culture and cuisine. In particular, Hua Hin is a very popular tourist destination and this is largely because it has some of the finest beaches in the country. Hua Hin is so lovely in fact, that not only is it a popular tourist destination, but Thais and Bangkok residents frequently visit on weekend breaks and holidays as it serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. In other words, if the locals love it, it can only mean one thing! If you are looking for the ultimate choice in relaxation, chilling by the pool and spending your days at the beach, then Hua Hin is a glorious location lined with fish-tail palms and one that we would highly recommend visiting on your holiday. Some of the top hotels in Hua Hin are located right on the beach and have their very own private resort vibes. If, however, being right on the beach isn't for you, you'll find plenty of centre city hotels in Hua Hin where you can be a little closer to the action. What attracts most people to Hua Hin is the fact that it is far more relaxed than other 'big-city' places in Thailand, such as Bangkok for example. So, if you want to skip the hustle and bustle and get straight to enjoying the rich and accommodating cultural tapestry for which Thailand is famous, then you cannot go wrong with booking a holiday and staying in a 5-star hotel in Hua Hin. Aside from soaking up the gorgeous natural landscape, dining and enjoying the delicious local cuisine, spending the day at the many tropical beaches and kicking back in a 5 star hotels in Hua Hin, what else is there to do?

If you're looking for something more than pure bliss and relaxation, you will be pleased to know that there is so much to see and do in Hua Hin. Here's a list of the absolute unmissable experiences:* Visit Seenspace, the world-famous beachfront mall – an incredible collection of shops, eateries, and relaxing spots, you shouldn't miss Thailand's first beachfront shopping centre while you are in Hua Hin.* Explore the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park – the first coastal National Park in Thailand, this unusual and entrancing marine National Park boasts spectacular views and interesting wildlife as well.* Explore the mystical Phraya Nakhon Cave – located in the same National Park is a famous and ethereal cave that has long attracted attention and talk. Home to the smallest temple in Thailand, the Phraya Nakhon Temple, with a stunning pavilion in gold and green, the cave is lit perfectly with sunlight and is an unforgettable sight for any who have the inclination and ability to find it.* Sam Phan Nam Floating Market – from huge malls to quiet streets, Hua Hin has all kinds of amazing shopping experiences including the floating market. A beautiful shopping hub on islands set on a manmade lake, this is a great place to buy souvenirs to remind you of the trip as a whole but also where you got them.* Cross the Bueng Bua Wood Boardwalk over the marsh – another magnificent way to experience nature and really feel a part of it is to wander over the marsh on the lovely wooden boardwalk.* Feast in 1000Sook Food and Farm – a family friendly attraction where the kids can see and meet all kinds of animals and then indulge in some delicious ice cream or other delicacies, this is a safer way to enjoy nature than a cave hike but no less enjoyable.* Splash about the Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle – Asia's first water jungle and park, this hidden gem is truly a must visit for families and adults alike. There are slides, rides, activities for all ages, and many adventures to be had here so come on down and join in!* See and swim in the Pala-U Waterfall – this wonderful site is located in the National Park and ideally situated for a hike or climb up the nearby mountains before coming to cool off with a dip in the water.* Hua Hin Hills Vineyard – something for all the wine-lovers out there, this vineyard produces fantastic 'new latitude' wine that simply must be tasted!* Shop and be entertained in Hua Hin Tique Walking Street – an eclectic mix of old and new shops, stalls, and other buildings, there is plenty to see and do and you wander down this fascinating street.* Bang Tabun River Floating Fisherman's Village – learn how to fish for cockles or take a trip out and try it yourself. The friendly and interesting locals who live here can teach you, and the views are well worth visiting for.* Have fun at Camel Republic – another for the animal lovers out there, Camel Republic lets you hang out with the camels, feeding and petting them before heading over to some of their big and fun rides. A zoo and amusement park in one, Camel Republic has something for everyone and you are sure to make memories to last a lifetime.* Enjoy coffee with a canine companion twist at the Inu Café* Go to the Swiss Sheep Farm* Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park* Hua Hin Railway Station* Kaeng Krachan National Park & Suspension Bridge* Cicada Night Market* Chopstick Hill* Black Mountain Wake Park* Baan Sillapin Art Village* Tham Khao Luang Cave* Pranburi Forest Park* Petchaburi Salt FarmsThe diversity of experiences in Hua Hin is truly remarkable. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, as a couple, or with your family and small children, you will never be short of wonderful experiences to share!

If you like what you see, finding Hua Hin hotels is easy. Whether you are craving luxury hotels in Hua Hin or you are determined to stay in the best hotel in Hua Hin, we have something to suit all tastes, situations, and budget requirements.