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Hotel Brunswick Brunswick – a medieval city Brunswick was once a proud medieval city. And while only around 10% of its original buildings are left standing – during the Second World War almost everything was destroyed – the city and its fantastic history are well worth a visit today. Accor are perfectly located in the city, and the great service and comfort you find here will make your trip even better. Due to its size, you can easily discover Brunswick on foot – and a central hotel location makes this even easier. Find a central hotel in Brunswick on Accor.com and explore the city on foot The remaining medieval buildings perfectly illustrate the history, and bring to life its importance during this period. Both the Cathedral of St. Basil and the Castle Dankwarderobe, built by Henry the Lion, are two of those which are definitely worth a visit. And every visitor to the city should see the Rizzi House, designed by the architect James Rizzi, and the Jewish Museum – one of the oldest Jewish museums in the world. Brunswick is really accessible by foot and by car and here are some of the main Brunswick attractions you can’t miss: - Castle Dankwarderobe - Cathedral of St. Basil - Town Hall - Residence Palace - Alte Waage - Magniviertel - Gewandhaus - Old Town Hall - Richmond Palace Brunswick – and its uniqueness! When you visit Brunswick, make sure that you take the time to stroll through the Magniviertel. This very special area of the city is the only part which survived World War Two. With all its little book and art shops, the Magniviertel has its own unique charm. And after you have recovered from a busy day in one of our comfortable Accor, the Magniviertel offers great places to dine with many local specialties. Every year on the first weekend of September, the Magniviertel also hosts the “Magnifest“ festival where you can expect great music, delicious food and a lot of fun in the historic streets of Brunswick. Brunswick – oldest red light district in Europe If you are looking for something extraordinary take a close look at the Bruchstraße in town, which is separated from the rest of the city by a large steel gate. Feel free to peek through… but be aware that this is actually a 400-year-old red light district – the oldest in Europe. Of course, during the day the street seems relatively harmless; a quiet little road with many small and colourful houses. But pretty soon the city of Brunswick will have to decide whether or not to clean up the road and remove the red light district. Watch this space… Accor – benefits of our hotels in Brunswick! All guests of Accor receive Le Card Accor loyalty points for every night they stay at an Accor Hotel. You can exchange the points for bonuses, discounts or vouchers. On top of that, families, early bookers and weekend travelers can take advantage of our special offers and deals. So if you’re coming to Brunswick, you’ll find the best offer on Accor.com.