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A family guide to the theme parks of the Gold Coast

Australia's gorgeous views may be enough for some from ground level, but adventure seekers might like to take things a little bit higher. Skydiving is an activity that's not for the faint hearted, but it's certainly a load of fun as you spiral through the sky with the wind rushing past at a crazy speed. We've rounded up some of the best skydiving spots in Australia. All you need to do is head along to the one that appeals the most then get set to feel the wind in your hair!

Warner Bros. Movie World

This extravagantly themed amusement park is a favourite among film-buffs and thrill-seekers alike. Pose with one of the many themed characters roaming the park, and take a wander down the fairytale Main Street, adorned with cartoon-like lamp posts, mailboxes and lanterns. Part of this theme park's charm is the many shows put on each day, with characters everyone will recognise, such as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, taking to the stage.
The magical them​e doesn't stop at the shows, with each ride taking inspiration from a well-known film. From the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster to the Roadrunner kids' coaster, the rides will delight the whole family.
Brave family members can tackle the selection of thrill rides, from the Superman Escape coaster, which accelerates from zero to 100 km in two seconds, to the Green Lantern coaster, which boasts the steepest inverted drop in the Southern Hemisphere.


Another option, Dreamworld is home to some of the biggest and most exciting rides in Australia. The entertainment is not limited to rides either - there are also plenty of animals to see at Tiger Island and Dreamworld Corroboree.

Dreamworld Corroboree is home to hundreds of native animals and provides plenty of up-close and personal encounters - kids will love to hug a cute koala or feed a crocodile.

As the name suggests, Tiger Island is home to magnificent Bengal and Sumatran Tigers. Observe these beautiful creatures carrying out their natural behaviours or opt to take a walk in the company of a full-grown tiger, if you're feeling brave.

Sea World

If marine animals are your thing, Sea World is the ultimate theme park destination. The main attraction of the park are the marine mammals, with bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, polar bears and stingrays all on show. The park hosts a sea lion and dolphin show twice daily, showcasing the awe-inspiring strength and beauty of the animals.

Admire powerful sharks and manta rays from an underwater viewing area, or take to the water for a glass bottomed boat tour to witness them gliding beneath your feet. If you're feeling really brave, grab a wetsuit and snorkel among them.

Apart from the animals, there are also some theme park rides. Ride the Sea Viper or Viking Revenge Flume, or brave the newly installed Storm Coaster - but remember your towel, as you may get a little wet!

Wet 'N' Wild

If you choose to take a holiday during the hot summer months, Wet 'N' Wild simply has to have a place on your to-do list. This theme park provides the most fun way to cool down, with slides and pools galore to take a dip in.
Young family members will love Buccaneer Bay, a pirate themed pool complete with pirate playground, or accompanying Mum or Dad into the giant wave pool.
For older family members, twisting and turning slides such as the Constrictor and Blackhole will test the nerves and provide plenty of family thrills!

Whitewater World

Another watery destination, Whitewater is attached to Dreamworld, so could be combined with a visit on a hot day! Take to the slides and then relax as a family in a private cabana for lunch.

Getting to each destination is simple, as shuttles run to and from Surfers Paradise daily. All you need to worry about is choosing which park to visit!

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