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Delicious Alpin fondue

Discover the recipe that represents France

France is well-known for its gastronomy and each region has its own specialties. I was hoping to find common, emblematic French products. Bread and cheese are, for me personally, the symbols of French cuisine and honor our artisans. Simple products that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!


I'm a natural, spontaneous thirty-something...often going against current trends. I love life and meeting people and am passionate about traveling, discoveries, home deco and veggie food.


Cooking time: 30 min
 • 400 g Beaufort 
 • 250 g goat's cheese
 • 200 g Tomme sheep's milk
 • 1 glass of champagne
 • Salt & pepper 
 • Farmhouse bread 



1. Choose good-quality products; I favor small shopkeepers in my town who bring love and passion to their work.
2. Cut the cheese into cubes to make mixing easier.
3. Heat a fondue saucepan (or a thick-bottomed saucepan) on a low heat and mix the 3 milk cheeses together. When the mixture starts to melt, add the champagne, salt and pepper.
4. Stir. The fondue is ready when the cheese becomes runny.
Serve and enjoy immediately. Spear a piece of bread with a fondue fork and dip it generously into the fondue. 
Bon appétit! 

Local gastronomy

I come from Marseille, a typically Mediterranean town where the weather is nice all year round and the inhabitants are warm with a melodious accent. The cuisine in Marseille gives prominence to the bouillabaisse, a fish-based culinary specialty, but, as a vegetarian, I won't mention it again! My childhood memory is of the navettes du four Saint Victor, cookies with the delicious taste of orange blossom. The navettes are in the shape of a boat, a symbol of protection for fishermen. 
Four des Navettes. A firm favorite for the Epicerie d'Endoume and its selection of cheese and luxury produce and Maison Saint Honoré, a bakery unlike any other where you can find an incredible variety of bread. My favorite is honey bread that can be enjoyed with either sweet or savory dishes.

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