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Are you looking for a destination that combines sun, natural beauty and fascinating monuments? If so, Salerno is for you. This city in southern Italy's Campania region is a hidden gem that's definitely worth visiting, just a stone's throw from the magnificent Amalfi Coast. Salerno was a prosperous city for centuries and offers some interesting historical sites.
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What can you do in Salerno?

Follow our tips to make sure your holiday is one of pure pleasure – because Italy is the ideal spot for fun, sun and mouth-watering cuisine. Go to to find to best hotel for a nice stay in Salerno.

Discover the old town

Get your first impressions of Salerno by visiting the impressive Castello di Arechi. This age-old fortress stands three hundred metres above sea level, towering majestically. It offers an unrivalled view over the Gulf of Salerno and the city. Then continue your visit in Minerva's Garden in Salerno's old town. In the Middle Ages, this botanical garden was intended for students of medicine. Today, it's a lush oasis where you can unwind. And don't miss Salerno Cathedral, a fine example of local Romanesque architecture. Look up at its spectacular 56-metre-tall bell tower and, inside, admire its mosaics and paintings by Francesco Solimena. Carry on your discovery in the diocesan museum that neighbours the cathedral. Next, head to the seafront for a stroll on the Lungomare Trieste promenade. Enjoy the clear view over the Gulf of Salerno as you walk along this two-kilometre stretch lined with palm trees and tamarisks. Afterwards, make your way back to the city centre to take a look at Salerno's medieval aqueduct. Because it's partly covered in vegetation, this old structure blends into its more modern surroundings. According to legend, four doctors from different cultures met beneath the aqueduct's arches to found Salerno's famous school of medicine. End your visit by stopping off at the sublime San Giorgio baroque church near the cathedral and marvel at its splendid interior fresco with geometric patterns.

Visit Salerno's museums

Salerno is brimming with art and history. It's the perfect destination for those who love museums. Start your historical tour by visiting the city's provincial archaeological museum. This fascinating place is mainly known for housing a bronze head of Apollo. Next, head to the 3Virtual Museum of the Medical School of Salerno. Through fun, interactive exhibits, you'll learn lots of interesting facts about the history of this astonishing institution that was renowned throughout Italy and Europe in the Middle Ages. Or are you more of an art lover? If so, make sure to stop by at the Pinacoteca Provinciale art gallery to see its magnificent collection of Italian and foreign paintings on the first floor of a venerable palace. Those with a keen interest in history – and in the Second World War in particular – will enjoy visiting the museum in the south of the city that keeps alive the memory of the Allied landings near the port of Salerno. There you can see models, weapons, equipment, photographs and uniforms from the time, all with informative explanations.

What can you do around Salerno?

Make the most of your stay in Salerno by visiting the city's surroundings. Vietri sul Mare is a quaint village not far from the city. And it's a gateway to the Amalfi Coast, which is renowned for its beauty. Before heading down to the beach, admire the colourful ceramic objects that have made this village famous – treat yourself to a piece of pottery as a souvenir. Then make your way along the steep coast that leads to Sorrento. Marvel at the unique vistas: a place where spectacular mountainous terrain meets a sparkling sea. On your journey, why not stop at a cove or beach for a pleasant dip in the sea and some blissful idleness? If you've still got an appetite for some outstanding historical monuments, head over to the town of Cava de' Tirreni to see its splendid cathedral and old Benedictine abbey. But perhaps you're yearning to get out on the open sea. Hop aboard a boat to discover the islands in the Gulf of Naples or look back from the sea at the towns of Maiori, Minori, Ravello or Amalfi, where you could moor.

Top tips for Salerno: restaurants, nightlife and hotels

Fish takes pride of place in local cuisine. You'll be able to savour mackerel, tuna, anchovy sauce or seafood with pasta. And make sure to order a tasty side dish of ciambotta – a summer vegetable stew. The mozzarella di bufala Campana is another unmissable speciality in Salerno's cuisine. This buffalo milk cheese comes from the local region. If you've got a sweet tooth, try some chocolate-coated citrus peel or a scazzetta, a Campanian dessert made from sponge cake, cream and wild strawberries. And for drinks, let yourself be tempted by a Limoncello-based cocktail: the famous lemon liqueur hails from the Campania region. When looking for a good dining spot in Salerno, you'll be spoilt for choice. The city is teeming with restaurants, pizzerias and trattorias. Or if you fancy a takeaway snack, head to the Lungomare Trieste promenade and order a cuoppo of fresh seafood.

Where can you eat in Salerno?

Salerno's liveliest district is its old town. In summer, there are plenty of events happening: see the city come to life through its festivals. If you're a beer aficionado, you'll be pleased to know there are one or two famous Irish pubs in Salerno. And they offer a nice selection of wines too.

Where can you enjoy Salerno's nightlife?

Choose a hotel in Salerno that puts you close to the beautiful Amalfi coast. Book a room in a 4-star haven with a swimming pool and spa for a relaxing luxury break.

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Salerno has its own airport, but you'll find more flights going to Naples International Airport nearby. From Naples, you can reach Salerno by bus, train or car. The most convenient way to visit Salerno and its local area is to rent a car once you're there. That way, you'll have more freedom to get around and see the city's stunning surroundings.

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