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Gaafu Alifu Atoll

Gaafu Alifu (also known as Northern Huvadhu Atoll or Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi) is an administrative division of the Maldives. With a huge stretch of marine and island area, the northern half of the giant natural atoll of Huvadhoo is considered to be one of the largest coral atolls in the world. Gaafu Alifu has 11 inhabited islands and a population of around 9300. Popular for its pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, the atoll is known for its rich marine bio diversity. With water temperatures lower compared to the other atoll, the atoll is popular for a wide variety of species that include, eagle rays, sting rays, different species of turtles, manta rays, different types of sharks – black tips, white tips, nurse sharks, tiger sharks amongst others.