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You haven’t experienced China until you have visited the charming city of Chongqing. Situated in the south-east of the Sichuan Basin at the confluence between the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, a stopover in Chongqing is a must. Boasting a population of close to 32 million, Chongqing is the largest municipality directly under the Central Government. Known as a city of mountains, rivers and fog, the 3,000 year old city offers an abundance of scenic sites and historic relics. The enchanting ancient city is renowned in particular for its unique gardens and famous tourist attractions such as the stone carvings in Dazu County, the Three Gorges, Hot Spring Parks and Red Crag Memorial Museum. Abounding in biological resources Chongqing is one of China’s largest industrial and commercial centres. It is home to iron and steel, chemical, electric power, automobile manufacturing, machine-building, shipbuilding, textiles and food industries.