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Abbeville is home to a number of superb hotels to suit every budget. Our choice of hotels in Abbeville features a choice between Mercure, ibis and hotelF1 locations in which to stay. Located on the river Somme, Abbeville is the former capital of Ponthieu, which went on to become the Provice of Picardy in Northern France. A place of importance throughout history, Abbeville boasts not only impressive 19th Century architecture in the form of the Saint-Vulfran Collegiate Church but also finds of prehistoric significance such as tools from the Pleistocene age. The discovery of Pleistocene artifacts in subsoil around the area is cited as being a founding element of prehistory as we know it today. The Garden of Emonville (found at the Robert Mallet Municipal Library) is a superb attraction in the area and is joined by The Carmel & its gardens as well as the Municipal Park of the Bouvaque as areas of beauty within the city. Abbeville boasts an excellent train service and is within driving distance of Paris for those wanting to explore more of France during their stay. Booking a hotel in Abbeville with Accor couldn't be easier. Simply browse our selection of hotels below and choose one that best suits your needs. Booking online with Accor offers a host of benefits, including our Best Price Guarantee and last minute and real-time room availability.