Why Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons Loves the Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise

Australian professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons shares why she loves the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, including her favourite water sports and how you can try them too.

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The Gold Coast region is a world-class beach destination. It is so iconic to Australia and a cultural home for surfing in this country. It stacks up so well against so many of the amazing locations we travel to worldwide.

Year-Round Sunshine

The Gold Coast is an amazing location to visit year round as it’s positioned so nicely on the map. The weather is stunning year round, when I picture the Goldy I picture the bluest of skies, sun beaming, crystal clear warm water and lines of swell wrapping around the point breaks for surfers to ride. 

The Gold Coast is an Australian Icon

The Gold Coast has always been that Holy Grail surf location, one of our Aussie jewels to travel to for the World Class waves, stunning golden beaches and a lifestyle that typifies the Australian way of life.


As a family we would back up the van and make the annual pilgrimage up north to enjoy the spoils of the beautiful Gold Coast, riding waves from sun up to sun down.

Something for Everyone on the Gold Coast

There truly is something for everything on the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. It’s the best place to take the family or travel to with friends. It provides hours of entertainment on family beach days and there are so many great food options you can stroll to by foot. 


There’s parks, space for kids and plenty of markets or shops to browse. Endless options for outdoor and indoor health and fitness spaces keep you on track with your exercise goals. 


For the mad surfers in the group, there are so many options to go on surf adventures to and hunt down your dream wave. I haven’t even got to the theme parks, theatre shows, top musicians and sporting events that are constantly rolling into town.


An epic holiday destination for sure. Novotel Surfers Paradise is the perfect spot for families.

My Top 3 Tips for Visiting the Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise

1. Pack your Surfboard, body board, watercraft, or floatation of your choice and favourite pair of togs, you must venture into the ocean on your visit to the Gold Coast.


2. Go where the locals go and track down a local weekend farmers market. You will find local artists and producers and those hidden gems that make your trip special. Hanging out in a close-knit community and chatting to people can be a super warm experience.


3. Pick at least one brand new activity on your trip, something you have never done. That surprise element is like no other feeling. It could be learning to surf, getting up close and personal with some wildlife or a nature bush walk or even eating a brand new dish.  

My Favourite Water Sports Along the Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise

1. Stand Up Paddle boarding

Where to experience: Currumbin


Why it’s awesome to do on the Gold Coast: Currumbin River is a short drive down the coast from Surfers’ central but is a great waterway and the perfect SUP spot to cruise or paddle out into the line-up and catch some waves. 


The river is a great spot for learners and if you paddle away from the ocean you will get a really tranquil experience. If there are different abilities in your group, this is the perfect spot as the waves are right there and families can hang on the sandbar or river bank.


Insider Tip: For beginners – the bigger the paddleboard the more stable it is and easier it is to learn.

2. Surfing

Where to experience: Snapper Rocks


Why it’s awesome to do on the Gold Coast: There is always so much surf on the Gold Coast from Snapper Rocks in the south where you will find the Pros all the way to Surfers. So just pick a wave to your ability level and you should find somewhere uncrowded (except for Snapper Rocks which is one of the busiest waves in the world).


Insider Tip: If you are a learner, get a lesson. There are schools right in Surfers and if you are staying at the Novotel Surfers Paradise, Go Ride A Wave is just down the road.

3. Kite Boarding

Where to experience: Everywhere along the Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise


Why it’s awesome to do on the Gold Coast: To tell the truth, it is great to do everywhere but on the Gold Coast you have some great waterways where there is protection that creates smooth water to go fast or you have the surf when your skills are up.


If you are learning, make sure you have an instructor or someone to keep an eye on what you are doing as it can be quite windy on summer afternoons.


Insider Tip: Get started with a lesson!

Considering the Gold Coast or Surfers Paradise as Your Next Holiday Destination?

Do it. The Gold Coast is only a short flight from most Aussie cities and it’s such a beauty of a trip. It was our first big family trip that involved flying and the theme parks.


No matter who you are travelling with, you can tailor your experience to those things you love to do most on your holiday.


If you haven’t ever picked up a board before, this is the moment to have a go, you won’t regret it.

Book Your Gold Coast Holiday

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