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Visiting Stonehenge

One of the world’s most iconic prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge was built around 5,000 years ago. Visitors flock to the site today, looking to learn a little about the unique stone circle and enjoy the feeling of awe which it can inspire.

Why is Stonehenge important?

Stonehenge is so important because it’s one of the world’s first known prehistoric monuments. Together with Avebury, it’s one of the best-known prehistoric sites in Britain and has been awarded the title of World Heritage Site.

When was Stonehenge built?

The earliest known point of construction was a circular ditch with banks on either side, thought to have been built in around 3000BC. The 100-metre diameter circle was the earliest version of the monument.
In around 2500BC the now-famous stones were set up in the centre of the circle, and the outer stones were raised. Over the next centuries, stones would be rearranged to form a circle and an inner oval, and later again to form a horseshoe shape. During this time, the Avenue was also built, which connects the monument to the River Avon.

Stonehenge today

The monument we see today is the result of several stages of construction. Some stones are fallen, while others are missing altogether, making the original structure difficult to imagine.
Nevertheless, Stonehenge is a wonderful place to visit for history and heritage enthusiasts. The ancient structure remains impressive to this day, with its age only adding to its intrigue.

Visiting Stonehenge

Stonehenge is set in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and is easy to access by road or rail. Parking is available at the World Heritage Site, with a small fee to non-members and those who have not purchased tickets. A frequent shuttle bus takes visitors from the visitor centre to the stones.
If you’re taking the train to Salisbury, which is well connected with the rest of the UK, you can hop on the Stonehenge Tour Bus from outside the main station.
Hungry? The large café at Stonehenge serves hot and cold food, including soup, pastries, sandwiches, and sweet treats. Visitors can sit inside or outside or take something away for the onward journey. Mementoes are available at the Stonehenge gift shop, as well as a range of exclusive books and clothing.
There are several walking routes available, with something for all ages and abilities to enjoy. While you’re there, don’t miss the exhibition, which tells the story of Stonehenge from the stones and the landscape to the people and the importance of the monument. Elevate your experience by learning a little about the stones before you visit them.

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