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The Best Beaches in Malta to Visit

Best beaches in Malta and undiscovered islands

As with many Mediterranean destinations, an important part of Malta's appeal is its beaches. They may not be the longest or the most secluded on the planet. But among them you can find some hidden gems that offer a great alternative for travellers who come to the Mediterranean in search of sun and sea.

The best beaches in Malta (and the lesser known)

Each of the three major islands has its own charm, but there's no doubt that Malta offers the most facilities for tourists. It's best to stay in centrally located establishments such as the Mercure St. Julian's Malta and from there head for the archipelago's best coves and beaches.

Beaches of Malta

Some of Malta's quietest and most beautiful beaches require some effort to get to but they are worth itSelmun Bay beach on the northwest coast can only be reached on foot or by bicycle, but that's the price you pay to see the island's few sand dunes. Similarly, St. Peter's Pool in the southeast, where after leaving your car at the top of a small cliff you have to walk down to the magnificent natural pool, which is often visited by snorkellers.

Beaches in Gozo

In the midst of the island's usual tourist hustle and bustle, there are alternatives more geared towards the tourist who wants to connect with nature. One example is Ghasri Valley Beach, which resembles the Norwegian fjords with the advantage that the temperature here is no barrier to scuba diving. Those looking for something more accessible can head to Rampla Bay, a pleasant yellow sandy beach from which begins the trail that leads to Calypso's Cave, where, according to Homer in The Odyssey, Odysseus was held captive for seven years at the whim of a nymph.

Comino Beaches

To speak of the island of Comino is to speak of the Blue Lagoon. But while this is the most famous natural pool in the country, it's worth taking one of the many stone paths to less crowded spots. Two recommended spots within easy reach are Santa Maria Bay and San Nicolas Bay, both of which have white sand (albeit sparse) and can be reached by car or a stroll of just a couple of kilometres.

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