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Manchester’s Best Pancakes

Try the best pancakes in Manchester!

Easter is creeping up and brighter days are on the horizon at long last, but before we break out of winter, one day shines out among the rest – pancake day!

Many people don’t know why we celebrate pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday as it is traditionally known.
Here, we bring you the best places to get pancakes in Manchester, which is one of our favourite places to mark the occasion, as well as the answers to some of the most frequently asked pancake day-related questions. 

1. When is pancake day 2019?

Tuesday, 5th March

2. Why do we celebrate pancake day?

Pancake day is officially called Shrove Tuesday and marks the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The word shrove, from the English word shrive, means to be forgiven for sins by performing a penance – in the case of the traditional Christian holiday, Lent is an opportunity to fast and obtain forgiveness before the Easter celebration. 

3. Why do we eat pancakes on pancake day?

Historically, the day was the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats (butter) before the start of the Lent fast. Luckily for us, delicious pancakes are the perfect way to use up these ingredients!
Now you understand a little more about the celebration, it’s time to plan your pancake day. 
The tasty treat is easy enough to make at home, with few ingredients needed and toppings as simple as a touch of lemon and sugar being more than acceptable. If, like us, you’re taking the event a little more seriously, head to any of these Manchester eateries and prepare to be blown away by their creative recipes and unique flavours.

1. Moose Coffee

The Sunday brunch at Moose Coffee is famous across the city, and one of the reasons customers are happy to queue out the door is, you guessed it, their pancakes. Since being awarded a place in the Guardian’s 50 Best Breakfasts in the UK in 2017, Moose has gone from strength to strength. 
Their extensive menu includes full sections dedicated to American pancakes and pancake stacks, as well as an all-day breakfast portion which is bursting with sweet and savoury options. Try the ‘Double Dutch’, which comes with smoked sausage and bacon, or the favourite apple and homemade salted caramel pancakes, which are cooked with cinnamon spiced apple and drenched in caramel, maple syrup and butter.

2. 19 Café Bar

19 Café Bar is an independent coffee shop bringing the vibrancy of Brooklyn to Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter. Head there this pancake day and order their pancake stack, which can be served with bacon and syrup or fresh fruit. To celebrate the occasion in style, order the Funfetti pancake stack, which is filled with colourful sprinkles and topped with M&M’s.

3. Sugar Junction

Also situated in the heart of the Northern Quarter, Sugar Junction was created with a passion for baking and a love of food at its core. Their prosecco pancakes are an ideal way to mark pancake day this year, served with mixed berry compote, clotted cream and prosecco syrup – cheers to that!
If you’re heading to Manchester to celebrate pancake day this year, why not enhance your experience by booking a night in a Manchester hotel? The ibis Manchester Centre 96 is an ideal choice, close to the best in the city and with plenty of major transport links nearby.

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