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Luxury weekend in Amsterdam

A glorious itinerary of things to do in Amsterdam

A luxury weekend in Amsterdam is perfect to spend with your loved one or your family and to get a well-rounded view of the capital of the Netherlands. This compact city has much to offer when you are into (organic) food, drinks, culture, parks, architecture, or just a unique experience. And the best thing is, you can do everything by foot (or by horse-drawn carriage!). We would like you to get as much out of your luxury weekend breaks to Amsterdam, so hereby an efficient, but glorious, itinerary of things to do in Amsterdam!

The very "gezellige" Jordaan
The very "gezellige" Jordaan

Saturday – Start in Jordaan

You arrive in Amsterdam and there is of course no time to waste. So, put on those comfy walking shoes and start your day in the cozy Jordaan area, or how the Dutch famously call it: “gezellig” (impress them with this vocabulary!). At the Elandsgracht, the statues of local musical heroes Johnny Jordaan, Tante Leen, Manke Nelis en Johnny Meyer stand proudly next to each other. Sing along to their iconic music at Café Nol on the Westerstraat, but try not to lose your voice! Singing along to this type of music is challenging.

Saterday - Anne Frank Museum

After you trained your vocal cords, the Anne Frank Museum awaits you. Anne Frank is the Netherland’s figurehead of WOII and needs no further explanation. Walking upstairs to the small back room gives you the chills, but it is an insightful look of the severe wartime. A small tip: there is always a huge line in front of the museum, so buy your tickets a week or two upfront to avoid hours of waiting in queue. Especially in the summer.

Zaterdag - Lunch at The Lobby

Your stomach probably starts to growl by now, so follow the smell of the Dutch daily catch towards The Lobby. This casual luxurious restaurant is located right in the city centre, but just outside the hustle and bustle. The restaurant has a cozy, elegant interior, with a guarantee for a unique dining experience - the chefs experiment with many biological and local ingredients. Ask your waiter all about the wines that match your dish, because they know the wine list by heart!

Zaterdag - 9 Straatjes

Let's do some shopping now! 5 minutes away from The Lobby, there are the “9 Straatjes”, the nine streets, where you can find almost anything from local and international (indie) designers. You are walking through one of the streets, on the left you see a shop with handcrafted jewelry and to the right there is a shop with all kinds of unique bags. In the next street you can shop for some quirky, stylish furniture, and finish your walk with a coffee in one of the many coffeeshops around.

Zaterdag - Diner in the Jordaan / 9 Straatjes

Finish your day with a nice meal in the Jordaan or in the 9 Straatjes where the choices are so diverse and just a stone throw away from each other. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere and some fine Italian dining at Bussia or go for haute cuisine in the grand canal house of Brasserie Ambassade around the corner.
The marvelous architecture of Amsterdam
The marvelous architecture of Amsterdam

Sunday – Start with horse carriage

Amsterdam is known for its canals and the many sightseeing boat tours to explore the city. But we have an alternative suggestion for you to enjoy the beautiful architecture in a very unique way. Give your feet some well deserved rest and go by horse carriage through Amsterdam! Book your horse ride in the middle of Dam square, the horses are waiting for you there, and experience the city like the Dutch royal family. The tour ends at the same place you started, Dam square.
The vibrant and very green Vondelpark
The vibrant and very green Vondelpark

Sunday - Vondelpark

We go on with to the most beautiful park of Amsterdam: Vondelpark. Take your time here and walk through the elongated park towards an original Picasso sculpture on the south side of the park. While walking, pay attention to the splendid houses surrounding the Vondelpark. Specifically look for the red monumental castle, this is the most expensive building in the Netherlands!
When you get hungry, get something to eat in the center of the park at the idyllic Blue Teahouse. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature and fountains. Enjoy the many activities around you while taking a bite of your lunch, such as Holland’s most famous sport: soccer.

Sunday - Museum day

Near Vondelpark lay many museums at Museumplein (no coincidence of course), such as Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. Luxury weekend breaks to Amsterdam would not be complete without a glimpse of one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings that you can find there. They have many different exhibitions changing over the year, so if you want to come back, there is always something new to explore! Tip: you can bypass the queue by already booking your tickets online. After a visit to the museum, have something to eat at the artistic café of Stedelijk Museum, so you can share all your new impressions with your loved ones.

Sunday - The North

If you have some time left, take the ferry at Central Station and go to the north of Amsterdam. Here is the artistic area of Amsterdam where you can find some fine vintage furniture and clothes, and end your day with a meal at Eye! While eating and the sun is going down, you enjoy the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam with many ferries and other boats passing by. But do you prefer a view from high above? Visit the brand new A’DAM Toren. Here you have the most amazing view over the whole city, and you can have a drink or bite too!
We know, it is a packed weekend, but remember that the most sights are just a stone’s throw away from each other! Enjoy your grand weekend in Amsterdam!

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